Sunday, 9 March 2014


Bloody hell......we have...SUNSHINE!!!!     Yay.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Pigs and Peanut Butter

Maple syrup is on offer at our local Co-op.  A third off and it's still extortionate!  £3.99 a bottle.  Yikes. And, nobody sells tofu or vegi cheese around here.  Or tahini.  Someone open a vegetarian/vegan supermarket, please?  If you do, make it within walking distance of our house!  lol

We are attempting to make home made dog biscuits today.  Peanut butter and apple flavour.  Might save a bit on the dentasticks that Cilla seems to be getting addicted to and that are bulking up the old waistline!  Her breath is ok, though:o)

We signed a petition today to object to an American style pig firm that they want to open in the south of the county.  25,000 pigs on one farm, right next door to a women's prison, too.  The prison is objecting because of the health issues to the women.  Fair enough..but what about the poor piggies?   Gah!  World is going stark, raving mad. Awful stuff.

Gratuitous piccy of The Old the days before the other 9 arrived:o)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Still Here - Language, Timothy.

Well, am still here..going on and on and on and on!  lol

Darth Vader is still with us!

She gives me a run for my money, so to speak.  Arghhh!

I will update, soon.

Hope you are all ok.

Please say a prayer for Ukraine and all my rellies there.  Tell Putin to F**k off.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

It never stops

Love how Gill puts things across so eloquently.  

There has been a bit of aggro lately with some trying to take over the home ed world, thinking they know best and trying to speak for us all.  Not happening!  We are all different.  We all home ed in our own particular way.  Don't need ID cards to prove you home ed or to get into venues and you CERTAINLY should not be paying for them when you can print your own up for free!

You should be able to discuss freely, without (1) censorship or (2) threat.  It has happened and still is going on.  If you are being booted off a site just for asking questions that are relevant, then that site doesn't have home ed best interests at heart. imo.  Just its own.  Blocking or booting people off because you don't like the questions being asked just means that the picture painted is not exactly truthful.  Enter the naive newbies!  Like lambs to slaughter.  Can't be warned by the wise and experienced because of 1 and 2 above.  Don't allow these people to slowly eradicate our hard fought home ed rights.  Don't forget Badman and Balls!  The stuff of nightmares.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Door Stop

Junior decided to bake last 9.30pm.  Cake came out of the oven at 11.30pm!   She baked it first for 25 mins and had a look.  Said it was still liquidy, so put it back in.  Came out not liquidy! And, It weighs a fair bit.  Home made brick.   lol   Hmmmmm...Anyway, it needs eating up, so we had a piece today.  Next piece we have, I suspect, will be with custard to help it go down.

Monday, 12 August 2013


I know I'm talking to myself.  At least I have a record of what I say.  lol

It is late.  11.38pm.  Munchie time in our house.

The animals like to eat at this time.  We had the 'share a packet of ham' time earlier on.  All the mogs congregate for their bit.  Tinks, you can hear her 'nom nomming'.  Very funny.   Looloo and Popeye always turn up late!    I can hear Muppet aka Darth Vader slobberingly eating her peace.    Meg is munching on biscuits.  Spook is eating, too.  All well and happy.  Litters cleaned..      Wonder if little Darthy will leave me another little pressie tonight?

Today, I spent ages grooming our lot.  8 cats done.  3 and the dog left to do.  They all get  groomed weekly in this weather.  Amazing how much they moult.

Earlier on tonight, on my way up to the shops, I spotted a stray ginger and white.  I thought that when I come back, I would grab it and try and sort it out.  Couldn't find it.  I will try again tomorrow evening.  The poor thing looked awful.  Walking all wobbly.  I can't believe that such shit goes on in this day and age.  I have a neighbour/former friend who thinks that food banks aren't needed and those who use them are just scroungers and lazy buggers.  People on benefits are the scum of the earth, type of thing.   I despair at the lack of empathy of some people.  It's such an unattractive feature.  Ack... You know those cartoons where the characters jump up and down in frustration?  Well, that's me at the moment.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


So, I took advantage of early retirement......before this government decides to screw me out of everything I've worked for.  State retirement age gets  worse.  I'll never make it!     Pension just covers the rent.  That's it.  Why take early retirement?   Rickety joints. ...... Hurt like FUCK!  Sorry for the language, but it hurts.  You try being all happy and la la when you can't climb up or down stairs, get in the bath, get on or off the loo, put your hair into a pony tail, open jars/bottles, chop food/wipe your arse,  etc.   Makes you extremely bad-tempered, narky...whatever.  Can't do what you want to do..decorate the house, clean the house.......  Fatigue, blah, blah, blah.  Pay all your life into the 'system'.  Does it pay you back?   Bleurghhhh! have to pay MORE taxes.  Can you get help with appropriate housing?  You need somewhere without stairs.     Hahahahaha.....joke. more taxes..... Got to keep the big guys in council going.  Big fat six figure salaries, while the rest of us live below minimum wage/poverty line.  Gah.  They don't give a shoo about us.   Politicians.  All as bad.  Only ever come round when it's voting time.  Sometimes, they don't even bother with that!  Never mind.  They've got £69,000 minimum to live on per expenses....