Thursday, 27 October 2011

Manager's Special

Junior and I have been laying laminate flooring.

Big Bro brought a load of 'Manager's Specials' down. Cost 50p each. They are basically bits of laminate flooring, approx 4ft x 3ft that they have instore and which they put their promotions on. 12 should do the living room, says Bro. They do, too. Trouble is, they are not always the same 'shade'. Makes for an interesting floor. lol. Junior thinks we should paint over white. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I am just thinking...stick a big rug over. Should be mog proof enough. We laid the middle bit yesterday...listening the Mike Harding and his folk music. 'Twas strangely therapeutic....tap/morris dancing..sort of... on newly laid boards. Junior thought it funny. Exercised the old rickety joints, though.

The mogs are more into kipping upstairs with us at night. Cold weather. The lovely, warm duvet calls. lol. Keeps yer feet warm, anyway..this carpet of mogs. Bart holds out, though, and kips in the garden room. What is it with cardboard boxes and cats? lol

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Old, Little Sweetheart

Have had a bit of a wake up call today.

Well, our trusty Cilla has, all of a sudden, gotten old:O( I looked at her sleeping form today (legs akimbo on the bed) and she is so getting on and soooooooooo grey around the face. Still a lovely personality. Loyal, loving, gentle, funny..... but she is getting on a bit now. Plus, she hasn't been well this last couple of days. Not her usual self. I get all stupid and morbid and think the worse.

I blame the mogs!! More of that later. Cilla is the daughter of Molly, who was our dog, pre Hillbilly Land. She came to us via my sister, who told me that Molly was a jack russell! It seems that Molly's pedigree is somewhat of the Heinz 57 type. But she was sweet...but definitely not a jack russell.

Junior came down one day and told Son no 1 and I that 'There's a rat under the bed'. This, of course, was one of Molly's puppies, Molly was a bit of a slapper and produced a litter of six to us. Cilla was no 3. Cilla was homed, along with her litter mates. However, Cilla was being allowed to become pregnant, she came back to us. No more puppies.

Years ago, pre-Hillbilly Land, we had a lovely old jack russell named Mickey. He was a rescue dog. We went to this local rescue centre and I was adamant that I was going to come away with a Yorkshire Terrier. Of course, there was a Yorkshire Terrier there waiting for us...and he was LOVELY. Yorkshire terriers around these parts are prized and I was first in the queue. We loved the dog, he seemed to like us and then....before I could stop myself, I asked if they had any other small dogs up for adoption.....Cue...Mickey. He was described as a sprightly old gent. Too old for the 'other' rescue centre as they would have put him to sleep. Out he came....smiling and charmed us, of course. So, after all the paperwork, etc we brought Mickey home. And what an honour it was to share our lives with him. Our cats (only four in those absolutely adored him....even Muppet and Spooky who are still here) He was such a gentle, lovely, funny, loving dog. We used to walk him around the block...a long way for an elderly fellow. Sometimes he could only manage a bit and I would carry him home the rest of the route. It felt like he was getting his walk. And, every time did the cats come along too., to keep him company. It was such a sight to see. Me ...and often junior...'cos she was little then...walking quite slowly...with four a row...following. No-one will ever believe me because I don't have piccies...but 'tis true.. I was reminded of it the other day when I saw two young lads walking their jack russells...with a cat following up the rear.

Mickey became ill just before we moved to Hillbilly Land and so I took him to the local vets, who said that he was ok...just old and wasn't suffering. We moved to hillbilly Land and anyway, one day it was obvious that Mickey had suffered some sort of seizure and off to the vets it was. Of course, it was 'time'...but it just didn't seem fair when he had been such a lovely companion and we had had such a short time together.

I blubbed for England, Europe and the World for my little friend with the big heart. We brought his ashes home. We could've just left him there for 'disposal' but I didn't want him to end up anywhere other than with people and beings who loved him. So, he is still 'here'

But...Cilla. Coughing and coughing. Junior has just started taking her out and I fear the dog may have picked up some unsavoury ailment just from walking the streets. more. The garden is big enough for pooch exercise. I have rubbed Vick on her chest and the coughing has stopped, just about. Dog still sleeps on the bed...has most of it, to be honest...and the mogs still adore her. It's like they are protecting her. Blanket of mogs surround her, keeping her warm and toasty with love.

Junior baked a load of biscuits today. Most have gone Cilla's way. Very a dog. Now...if only J could remember the recipe!!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Home Made

We went shopping for 'bits' yesterday. I fancied a Pear and Almond cake but we didn't have enough we went...came back minus the almonds! lol

Anyway, Junior has spied a little combo of book and info/ingredient cards that I have on....chocolate. She said she'd like to make No 1 was a chocolate cheesecake with Baileys Cream. The ingredients to make from scratch are about four times the cost of one good one ready made....but I go down the other route of No.

Nope. Got alcohol in it." says I
You are not allowed to consume alcohol, my dear. Too young".

So....."Truffles" says Junior...which was ok with me.'s WAY cheaper to buy them ready made, too. Have you seen the price of chocolate? The good 70% stuff. Eeeeee

Anyway, we had everything bar the, just this once!
Junior is beavering away in the kitchen. She has to chop the chocolate before melting it and moans that it'll take ages! I mention that we happen to have a blender, which is sat right next to her. Face lights up. and off she goes... So....I can have a home made truffle......tomorrow! (Needs 12 hours to stiffen up, apparently!) By which time, I may have sussed out Bro's camera and posted piccies.

Tinkerbelle is staking out the kitchen, miaowing and generally making a nuisance of herself. She can smell cream a mile off and wants some NOW! Ringo's there, too. Noisy pair.

Little Ringo


Friday, 14 October 2011


Junior found some stuff on Youtube about sorting out the iMac. She is beyond herself...Like she's found some major cure....which is great. Mega. I, meanwhile, am just whingeing in misery at having this blardy flu!! Advert that seems to be repeating on the radio at the mo is that if the cough has gone on for more than three weeks then it might be lung cancer. Lovely!

Meanwhile...yesterday she decided that she'd like to have a go at making sushi. Ok. Getting all the 'bits' costs a bit...but we did was lovely. However, she's decided 'bought is best'. I beg to differ. Thought it was lovely. Wasabi is BLOODY WELL HOTTTTT!

Am trying to get to grips with big bro's camera. Wooooo...

We're waiting for veggie cornish pasties to come out of the oven. The mogs have given up. No smell of meat is eminating from the kitchen. Back they have gone to their biccies...and crashing out spots. Now that the weather is colder we have put bedding down for them to curl up on. They are 'appy and warm'. Trouble is, warm time is......partay time!! which = human bed time. lol

Thursday, 13 October 2011


In a bad mood today.

We have been trying to get our iMac to work. We miss it badly.. I fear we may have scrambled its brains beyond repair. Elderly, donated pc and minotor size of a bus is ok....but iMac takes up less room and is sooooo good looking and has lots of nice gadgets to play with:o)....but the thought that we might've killed it. sob....

It won't let us log in, or reboot, login button is blue, network accounts are unavailable, when we do a disk startup, our machine chucks the disc out!! It is definitely a tad peed off.

Arghhh. We've spent all day trying to get it back to life (it's still kept the correct date and time, even though it's not been switched on for a year! Yay) Anyhow, Googling for help either just chucks up a load of outdated advice and the rest is then jargon! May as well be in Martian.

Some enterprising person ought to set up a Mac repair business in Hillbilly Land, not charge through the nose and do house visits. Junior and I would be first in the queue. lol As it is, looks like an expensive visit to the Apple shop.

Junior has been making all sorts off suggestions to try and help our little machine..and I've just been the 'Bite your head off Monster' she's gone for a bath and is, no doubt, using every bath product that we possess! My eyes have gone all foggy with looking at the computer screen all day. Ack, ack, ack. There must be a book out there that explains EVERYTHING from into account that I'm old and obviously don't 'get' computer lingo. Sigh... Trouble is, all the book shops have closed down (so no sitting down and perusing) and so all that's left is the bloody internet!!! My fogged up eyes and brain can take no more.

I blame my flu and mucous laden head for my crabby mood and any typos! Going to bed for a sulk.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Wish someone would leave me a comment.

Is there anybody out there? Am I talking to myself? Will my kids and grandkids read this when I am 'gone' and think.....'what the **** was she on about?'

Henry VIII the cat is sat at my side as I type. All the rest are missing.... prob chilled out on MY BED!!!!

I am about to have supper....and some nice mog has decided to evacuate its bowels. Ta very much for that. Will get you back in another life!!!! lol

New Star in the making

Can you hear us?........... Cough, cough....never mind....hope this lurgie soon goes.

We have ferried the last of Mother's stuff from her old flat...including plants. The cats are very inquisitive, as per usual and are perched atop the boxes that have made their way here, sniffing away. Jimmy, I hear, is lording it, oop north... and looks kitten-like.... with all the attention from Mother that's no surprise. They shared chicken today, apparently. Meanwhile, back at Chaos HQ....sigh.........where to put stuff? Never mind...will all get sorted. task.....To see if we can survive on twenty quid a Have to, otherwise Santa ain't coming here. Times is ' we are sussing out recipes and trying to sort out a fortnightly menu plan. All fair and well in the normal world....but I HATE routine....ack, ack, ack...air sign that I am...How did I ever manage to get myself married to a VIRGO? Arghhhh. No wonder it didn't last.

It's getting colder, so we are craving more wintery food....I just don't want to fall into the trap of 'stodge'. We will be veggie. Junior is def not a vcggie, but is dissappointed with the taste of meat lately. It is bland...souless. Not surprising really...factory farming sucks. I may have the makings of a great veggie chef...'cos she will try long as presentation is up to scratch. Tonight's meal is Gnocchi with Tomato and Veggie Cheese Sauce...and Garlic Bread....Prob with a tad more garlic than norm. (Good for you, especially when you have flu......No wonder folk back away from us when we 'natter' to them) lol Nice Neighbour has gifted us some fresh parsley (Vitamin C) as she knows we are 'suffering'. lol

Borrowed big bro's camera today. Woohoo.... It's a 'Big, blokey-type of thing'. Will let you know if we can tame it. lol

The mog in the background is Henry VIII. Number eight in the kitten production line. What a Luvvie:o))) He talks to us. A BIG personality in this house. Been told by our cat rescue person that they could find him a home 'now' 'cos of his personality...but he is ours and much loved. He couldn't get a home when he was a kitten because of his 'looks'. Pity people can't see beyond that when looking for a pet. Megan had four before Olive. They were all homed to lovely people, apart from Honey Pot....who was 'different'. Junior loved her from Day One. We kept all Olive's brood (Bart, Tinks, LooLoo, Henry & Ringo) because people were wanting kittens for weird they wanted a boy to beat up the neighbourhood mogs.. or because they were pretty. So, we kept them..... all away from weirdo requests. They are like my responsibility.....furry kids....they pay us back ten fold......but they still eat my plants and PARTAY at 5 in the morning!! lol! But, in the's like....'Who loves ya, Baby?'
and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Been knocked out with the '12 rounds with Tyson' type of flu. Junior has it, but is more 'able' than I at the mo!

I think all the stress of Mother's move hasn't helped, either. Talking of which...her new place is LOVELY. MILES better than the other. Very posh, wardens seem super caring..and Jimmy cat is back to his pampered lifestyle. lol She is very a new woman. The family pulled together to help with the move, which was lovely. Grandchild of Min was a star:o) Son no 1 and friends came up today to collect some furniture that she's given him for his new flat, so he's a happy bunny, too.

We, meanwhile, have to negotiate the 'unwanted' stuff from her flat, which is here with us... still!! ....due to the flu. But, we'll get it sorted. Got a lovely old-fashioned, 'with personality' bookcase that Mother didn't want. It now houses some of my cookery books. Yay! Just got to give it a paint is not my colour!

Will get new batteries for camera, tomorrow!

Monday, 3 October 2011


Shouldn't moan.....but it's too hot!..for October. Really do not get why people like hot weather. Can't be doing with sweaty bettys. (big busted people will understand...Tea Tree oil cream works wonders, btw!!).

Junior is coming down with a cold.....change in weather...and all what I put it down to. Bless her...tucked in bed she is... with Vick, honey and tissues for company.

Am still trying to make room for the rest of Mother's stuff. Phewwwww. Grandchild of Min is coming to help with the move and make sure Great Gran is ok:o)

Jimmy is going with Mother, not Ringo. Some of the other cats have picked up on what's going off....what with boxes and stuff everywhere. They know something is going on. Anyway, they've been harrassing the old lad a tad...and he's a bit fed he can go back with Mother and resume his pampered lifestyle. But, we'll miss him. He is SO cute and lovely. A proper, nice cat. Junior is splashing out on a 'leaving present' and is buying him a de-luxe scratching post, blanket and lots of treats:o) All out of her pocket money...bless her heart. Lovely, kind-hearted child:o)
Ringo, meanwhile, is as smug as anything! He follows Junior EVERYWHERE. She is his!! But...he also LOVES Cilla and can now carry on with the 'love in'. lol Shall have to suss out the video camera so all can see how affectionate the mogs are towards the pooch.

I feel a week's sleep coming on soon.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Not long to go

Well....Mother is all packed up and with somewhere to go:o)

My car went to the garage. Over revving. When I picked it was better. Went to Mother's, parked up...went inside for tea...came out and....bam....dead as a do do. Needed a jump start...due to light being left on by mechanic and not noticed by moi...weekend...garage closed!!!!

No-one around here seems to give a shit when you are down...or your car. I totally get why Mother wants to leave this place. No community spirit. People just get out of cars and go straight into houses..or vice versa. sigh.....Unless you are my immediate neighbour..... who seems to devote all waking hours to spying on us neighbours, then reporting to whoever will listen!!!

Our Landlady happened to call about something and I mentioned about the car. Half an hour later, someone was there to jump start me. I am forever grateful...needed the 'wheels' to sort out Mother's move. Now I can ferry 'not wanted' stuff from Mother's to mine:o)...the family heirloom stuff...of which there is loads.
Ah. bleeping still awaiting their airing. This is REALLY pissing off Junior. She loves the useless, piece of **** camera...but there is no accounting for taste or crapiness. lol Not saying that mine is any better (taste, I mean). miss the piccies, though.

Sorry for any typos. Fingers all over the shop.


Two days to go and then Mother will be in her new abode:o) She's looking forward to it...and having the mog. Big bro built her a bird house and she's taking that with her so she can put stuff out for the Yorkshire birdies.

Ringo...obviously used to the Life of Riley.
Can't move for stuff here at Chez Min...and there's more to come. Have to get bum into gear and sort out storing it all. As if I haven't enough....we just happened to go to the local Cat Rescue jumble sale this weekend...and, as per usual, came back with stuff.....loads of it...including some mega retro curtains! 50p Yay. Been washed and ready for hanging up in my bedroom. Junior picked up some corking outfits...for 25p each! Oh, to have her model figure:o) Got a yoga book with dvd. Someone, somewhere once said that it can help with arthritis, so I am hoping to get a little more I can bend and cut my toenails! lol At the mo, when I try, it feels like my heads going to blow up...

The mogs are whizzing about, playing 'chase'. Very funny. They're 'talking' to one another..trilling away. 'Tis sweet. Cilla is sparko siesta-ing...having nicked the cat biscuits. Gotta wear it off, somehow.