Saturday, 18 April 2009

Ear Ear

Am at Son no 2's today. Grandaughter of Min, who is the most beautiful grandchild on the planet:o)) is coming on leaps and bounds.

Today she stood up and walked a few steps to her daddy. Awww!!!!

Son no 2 has an ear infection, Wouldn't use his ear spray...'cos it stings a to be cruel to be kind. Sat on him until he administered his medication!!! lol!!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

I borrowed a PC!!

Long time no blog!!

I don't half miss the internet!!

Well, nasty neighbours are just that. They've scraped the barrel by way of petty, malicious, anonymous telephone calls to various council, housing, even social services...all with the intent of making our life hell. All came back as "No further action required". The mogs are being looked after by a friend for their safety. We visit them most days and they just clamber on us and demand hugs, pleading eyes saying "Take us home now". All this has really hurt Junior. It's opened her eyes as to how some people are REALLY just not nice to live near. I've explained that some people are just plain not nice..end of!!! Anyway, what goes around comes around..and all that. Mad catwoman has been "spoken to" by the boys in blue, too!!

Once I figure out how to get a passworded post up, then I'll blog it all. lol

Anyway, we have a new home. It's just "us", if you know what I mean? Have you ever walked into a house and thought "This is the one. I feel at peace here"? That's how this one feels. get away and live normally:o) lol The cats will love it. All safe. Family and friends have rallied round and helped and Junior and I are eternally grateful for their support. xx

So, the unpacking of boxes (and iMac) begins!!:o))

Hope everyone is ok:o)) xxxx