Monday, 30 August 2010

Depressing...Beware of Growing Old in This World

Spent all day yesterday with Mother.

Her 'other half' is in a care home..if that's what you call it. Locked up and not able to go beyond the walls that envelop him. No visits out to feel the sun on his skin, breeze on his face, smell the world..hear other people chatter. So,, she makes epic journeys....hours each way....and sees him many times a week to make sure he is ok. She brings him food and treats. And then goes home and cries for their lost life together.

He didn't want to be in this place, separated from her..and neither did she. They wanted to spend their last years together....share their friendship and time together. To care and be cared for. But no....... It's amazing how the powers that be seem to know what is best for you. Yep, they KNOW IT ALL!!.....NOT!

No-one else visits him with any meaningful regularity, apart from Mother. So would you believe it when I tell you that the ptb are talking about preventing Mother from visiting him? Poor little care home bosses can't cope with any 'criticism' about their 'care regime' so they want to keep her out of his life. It would be much easier for them! No-one to annoy them by pointing out that he's a bit hungry, thirsty, cold, needs to poo, the poo is black, his tummy hurts, his toenails are long and painful, etc......

He spends most of his time either locked in his room or in a room full of shackleton type armchairs which are occupied by much older people, who sit there bored with nothing to do but sleep and dribble into their chins. Nothing doing or going on. Very depressing and hearbreaking to see.

So, we have one bewildered, 'drugged up to the eyeballs' bloke wanting to 'go home' and a heartbroken old woman who isn't allowed to take him.... and has the threat of not being able to see him again hanging over her. Wouldn't think such things could happen in such a 'civilised society' as ours, would you? But they do.... because of some power-crazy, manipulative bastards that roam our social care organisations. and crap laws that exist.

But, through the tears Mother fights for him, for his dignity and freedom. The powers that be made a huge mistake and still won't let him go. That would mean admitting that they were wrong...Can't have that, can we? And the care home bosses don't want him to go either. That would mean losing a fee-paying victim..err...customer. By the time this case comes to a head...(there is delay after delay like you would not believe!) and a decision is made, then I would expect that one or both of them will be dead.

Care? Pah!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Minnie. How awful.

You could try threatening them with a visit to the newspapers.


Minnie said...

Hi D:o)

She's wanting to tell the papers about what goes on, but would they listen and then would it make it worse? We can't find anyone else to help.