Monday, 12 July 2010

Big Poo

I am on the warpath!!

Some dog has crapped on the pavement outside our house and the idle git of an owner couldn't be bothered to bend their lazy back and clear it up! Dirty bugger.
I am not talking Yorkshire Terrier size turds....nooooooo......they are donkey sized!!
Now, I could go OT and get bro to install the cctv cameras that came with him this time to cop the culprit if he/she does it I inform the local dog warden that we have a phantom pooper and let them do the detective work? They advertise their services in the neighbourhood rag and seem keen on bagging these this is part of what I pay Council Tax for, isn't it?
Wonder if nosey neighbour has noticed? Bet she could ID the pooper.
Still, it is pretty rude, leaving dog poo. Even if we walk our pooch in fields, etc, I always clear ours up. Who wants to go walking through a poo bombsite?

1 comment:

anna said...

take a shovel spy for the next mega turd and fling it on their doorstep.... that should deter it !!!