Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Holiday..what holiday?

There was me, trying to have a nice, relaxing bath to help clear my brain and in barges Junior. She'd been quiet for a while, busying herself. Turns out that she'd invented a new code, had dreamed up the characters and asked me to have a go at deciphering. It was very good, have to admit, although it's a little difficult to concentrate surrounded by bubbles!!

Then, later on she had a go at tapestry work..(picture of a cat, would you believe?) We also had the ritual "let's count all the money in our purses, shall we, Mum?" She wangled a couple of quid off me and has decided she wants to open a savings account:O) So we'll have a look at where we can get the best deal, kids wise.

Carnival fish is still in his pyrex bowl with fish weed to hide in...in the kitchen in between the weighing scales and a jar of kapusta. If it's good enough for Sophie Grigson to have fish swimming about in her kitchen, then it's good enough for me:O) Little fish knows when it's nosh time, 'cos I tap quietly and he comes up to the surface and munches away:O) I've had a look in the pet shops and our fish is positively tiny compared to any others I've seen. Daren't buy anymore for company incase he gets bullied because of his littleness (not that I'm neurotic about bullying!!) Shall have to go and speak to nice man in aquarium section of our local garden centre.

The kittens are into everything!! Olive has discovered the old lounge rug, rolled up and waiting to go up to the allotment. She climbs up to the top so she can curl up for a snooze in peace...leaving the other two to race about to their hearts content.

She found my clean laundry, too!! Ooops, could've folded it up a little more neatly, perfect housewife that I'm NOT!! lol

She hasn't quite figured out how to jump over the dog gate.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Fudge & Co Needing a Home

This is Fudge. She's about 9 months old and is looking for a home. She's quite small...19 inches tall and has a tiny face. She's such a lovely little thing temprament-wise and I'd love her for me, but she needs a home where she can be spoiled and given undivided attention for a change. The photo has done the usual and put 10 pounds on her figure!! lol. She's really a slight, little dog. She lives with other dogs who need homes, too. There are currently 4 12 week old pups (black and white colouring) needing homes too. They're just Heinz 57 types and not very big at all. There's been a population boom and the owner can't cope and it's also not fair on the dogs. They're up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

If anyone could help it would be great. Let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Teary weekend

Had a bit of a funny weekend. Mum is not well....like...really not well. Blood tests have been done and results are awaiting. Doctor's tomorrow. She stayed over the weekend....had my bed... and Junior fell asleep cuddling her Gran really tightly. That kid has so much love inside her:O)

Like I've said before, my Mum's a "white walls and no dust, one pet at the most" sort of person, while I'm not... so I was dreading the introduction to the kittens...fearing the inevitable nag nag nag. I don't, believe it or not, like arguments or confrontation!!! Well, she's bagged Olive...Mum thinks she's lovely and has renamed her something untranslatable in Ukrainian:O) It took her mind off things for a while:O)

She's all tearful, which is really not her at all. She's got to nearly 80 and most of her mates have passed on and are occupying our home town cemetery. Those who are still alive are mostly "not with it", if you see what I mean, so she's a bit short of peer connections. Plus, it was my parents' wedding anniversary on Friday...... 61 years. Still counts to Mum, even though Dad is in that cemetery with his mates. She's missing him. She spent the best of 20 years nursing him from imjuries sustained in the war...bullet wounds galore to mention a few. It's odd when I go up to the cemetery to see Dad. Most of the people I knew from my childhood who were part of our community are buried up there. It's really weird, never eerie. Some really lovely people are there and it's a sad feeling I have when I go..that they're there. I sometimes clean the graves of people who I know don't have anyone left to do that for them. I just wish that I'd had more time to get to know them even better in life. They suffered terribly because of WW2 and should, by rights, have been entitled to an easier run at life. But they all made the most of things and enjoyed life as best they could. We often joke that they're all up there playing dominoes, dancing and joking as they once did. The birds visit my Dad, 'cos they poo on his headstone.

Dad was a funny bloke, as in hilarious. He was a farmer's son...very handsome..... and old-fashioned. Mum hails from a different part of Uki and is somewhat a bit of a snob with a fiery temper. It's taken me most of my life to figure the snob bit out!! She, of course, denies being a snob or a bit of a dragon!! How they remained married for so long is a bit of a mystery, 'cos they were like chalk and cheese. But Dad used to make her laugh...even when she was totally racked off about something he may have or may have not done. He had that twinkle in his eyes and she'd crease up in the end.

So, I'm holding up my glass of preferred (ginger beer at the mo)...here's to Mum and Dad and happy memories. xxxxx

Friday, 27 July 2007

Mish Mash

Well, slap my hands for not blogging. There's me thinking when I started this that I'd blog every day... Doesn't life have a habit of oiking your best laid plans?

We haven't done much really. It's like...it's the summer hols (hang on while I pee my pants at that... Summer ha ha!!!) and we have just sort of....relaxed. Junior and I have just enjoyed each others company. She's such a hoot to be around. Very funny, caring and she has a beautiful heart....so kind.. she loves her family, friends and pets. The kittens.....aaaahhhhh!! So cute and lovely personalities. The number of people who have come through our door and tried to walk out again with one under their coat:O) Can't blame 'em. They're venturing out into the garden now, mingling with the pooches and Syd; even the older cats seem ok with them. Favourite game at the mo is chasing and racing around the house and swinging on anything tht hangs....like curtains, coats, etc...and then, after a while, they just.....conk out...peace:O)

Olive. about to conk out! .shall have to try and figure out the focus on the camera!!

Well, tonight I hate dogs!!! Why? Well, I bought a kit for Junior....build a skeleton..in wood..Home Bargains, again...£2.99. Easy peasy...it says, Putting things together jigsaw-wise is NOT my cup of tea. I'd be crap on the Krypton Factor (that'd make a good logo...lol!!) But, ever the optimist, I purchased it. Anyway...been working for ages, trying to get the skull built...we gets there..eventually, apart from the jaw (mandible, I'll have you know;O) So, we are fedup and hungry and off we go to get a bite to eat and some shopping while we're at it. Stopped off at mate's house unnanounced (for far to long....sorry mate) We gets back and have happy, smiling poochies greeting us. All is lovely. Aaaahh! Gets into the kitchen to find half a skull.....chomped....murdered....... ARGHHHHH... It took us AGES to build that bit. Anyway. we'll soldier on and complete the build. Maybe if I knit a bonnet no-one will notice the half skull? Junior gave me the "tut,tut..oh, deary me" look and said, "mum, we'll just cut new bits out of thick card and that should do." Ah, silly me!! Good job someones got brains in this
house. lol

Cilla..sneaked on my bed and trying to look all innocent...Piccy taken by Junior, 'cos it wasn't me!!!

Anyway, everyone I know HE-wise seems to be VERY quiet. Maybe it's this consultation. Probably is...hope it is...or else I'm REALLY unpopular!!! Some bloggers are really good at putting their thoughts down about the consult...so very eloquently and in an uncomplicated and understandable way. (Gill and Dani & Allie especially.....I am bowing hippogriff-like here!! lol.) If I knew how to put their links on I would...but I can't so I won't). I just tend to go for the "sod it, bugger, bollox" route. There are many who will have responded, but I hope the kids' responses are listened to...not dissed because of date of birth, which some akin to lack of maturity and all that other patronising stuff. 31st July, 2007 is deadline...get your responses in. I know I am preaching to the converted...but you never know who might tune in.

Anyway..grub-wise...Junior has decided that she does now like beans...by this I mean all sorts of beans..not just the baked type (which we are going to attempt to make as they are, apparently, delicious homemade). Hurrah..(makes vegan cooking much easier!!) The farting is coming along, too:O))) Something about toilet humour that makes me titter..

We made homemade cream soda this week from a recipe off the internet. It was okish, very sweet..too sweet even for me... and we halved the suger and corn syrup in the recipe anyway.. it needs more vanilla extract we think. After that, Junior's taste has now moved onto Elderberry...not your common garden cordial...oh no...but the presse ) sorry...got a mac...can't do the little flick over the last e...and i'm so old I've forgotten what you call it.

Monday, 23 July 2007


Finished HP. Took 8 hours and my neck hurt when I'd finished. Now Junior has it to read. Was the odd bit in about home ed and compulsory school attendance :O))...and a few sad bits that had me teary-eyed for a bit. I'm not giving anything else away. Been reading a few reviews and it's amazing how some people can be so snobby about her writing.

Anyway, to say that it's the start of the 6 weeks' holiday It's amazingly quiet. Well, it's 9.30 so I suppose the kids are still in bed, catching up on their zzzz..

There's more rain due, looking at the skies:O( Hope everyone is safe.

Saturday, 21 July 2007


Good job I have a mop and bucket!! Kitchen was a bit wet when I came down this morning..so I'm glad I bought some cheapo bath mats to put at the back door...they're doing a great job of keeping the seepage of water at bay..better than towels. They're also good for muddy and wet paws which is why I bought them in the first place....easy to chuck in the washing machine.

Feel sorry for those who are flooded out:O(

All this rain makes for more tidying up in the house.. pets are cooped up and in danger of getting cabin fever..our normal "let the dogs off their leads for a run" haunts are boggy and/or flooded, so we just get oiked around the streets. Not as good as watching three nutty pooches chase each other over hill and dale....very funny. It's a bit like watching a Benny Hill sketch. Molly is the fastest....and she's the mum!!! Bobby is second and tries to pin her down but gets side-tracked with his football. Cilla...lol...just gives up after two minutes...no wonder she's a bit of a podge:o)

Hope all the HP fans are happy. Must get our copy today...didn't fancy venturing out last night for a midnight purchase, although the atmosphere did look good....all those fans dressed up and in the swing of it all. Good for them!!
These are from Deb's blog. Do them..you may be surprised.

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen

Or lend a shoulder to cry on

You're there through thick and thin

Many people consider you their "best friend"!

You Belong in the UK


A little proper, a little saucy.

You're so witty and charming...

No one notices your curry breath

You Have Fantastic Karma

You are a kind, sensitive, and giving person.

And all your good deeds will pay off - if they haven't already.

But you're not so concerned with what you get in return anyway.

You have an innate caring nature - and nothing can change that!

Water and silly thoughts

We have water coming in the kitchen...courtesy of the weather. Syd rabbit is back in his penthouse suite in the house. He is a bit of a plonker. Sits out all day in his run...in the rain...with the snails and slugs who come and try nick his food. So...in the pouring rain tonight...and I mean POURING RAIN I oiks him out of his rather wet hutch and brings him in. Dries him off and he scratches me in thanks. Hmphhh!!

So...what to do... no sand bags in sight. I have a bright idea and gets some spare tongue and groove...glues it together with No more Nails and glues it up against the door. Shall see tomorrow if I need the mop or not!!!

Went out in new pap pap today. It's a very old car and growls and whines a bit. We've named it Scooby. We had a white Sierra once and the back end of the reg was trr...so it was named Cilla. And another vehicle we had we bought from a policeman named Holmes....so car was named Sherlock. Wonder if anyone else is daft enough to name their vehicles?


For those who think they really know me!!! hah...you don't. See...it says here

You Are Marge Simpson

You're a devoted family member who loves unconditionally.

Sometimes, though, you dream about living a wild secret life!

You will be remembered for: your good cooking and evading the police

Your life philosophy: "You should listen to your heart, and not the voices in your head."

Thursday, 19 July 2007

I've been riding in my car..it's not quite a Jaguar:O)))

Got my new car today. I am soooooooo happy to be mobile. Anyway, we gets in and I drive pap pap home and during the journey I check the petrol guage. Oooooo, bless the previous owners...there's half a tank in it:O). Turns out that plonker here was looking at the temperature guage!! Ooooops:O)

Earlier on, we did maths...well..Junior did maths. More complicated stuff. And, we got a wooden skeleton which you have to assemble and glue together. £2.99 Home Bargains:O) And yesterday we got a really good book of flags which identifies where in each continent the countries are appropriate to the flags. Pretty cool. I got a Kaffe Fassett knitting book for me.....charity shop find:O) I can hear the bookcases groaning..."not another!!"

Tonight I must try and sleep. Not been doing much of that lately. I'm pretty peeved off at the mo. I seem to be plagued by rudeness, red tape and officialdom. I'm missing family too....I need my boys to come and stay for the weekend to cheer their old ma up:O)

I got asked

I got asked by someone to reveal ten weird things about myself. Now, you'd expect this to be dead easy but...'tis not.

1. I couldn't speak or understand English when I started school.
2. I have in-growing toenails that, at last, don't hurt anymore.
3. I am totally unorganised. I just don't get how people can be organised....weird
4. I had a baby, naturally when I was in my 40's.
5. I got married on Halloween, No wonder it didn't last!!
6. I won a talent competition when I was 5.
7. I hate water.
8. I once owned and lived with eleven dogs. My sister currently lives with and loves 14!!!
9. I met the love of my life when I was 9.
10. Apart from my parents, I have no family tree....everyone before them was killed off either 'cos of WW2 or Stalin!

Currently working on "Things I want to do before I die". Why do people ask me to compile these things?

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Well...guess what I'm reading? HP 6!!--seeing as Harry Potter 7 comes out on Saturday 00.01am...better remind myself what went off at Hogwarts before I read the final book!! Bit sad, really. Hope the little chap makes it and finds true happiness:O) Yikes...may never find out, seeing as I haven't reserved a copy of this last book. £17.99 is a bit steep, though!!

Today's journey to Mother's was horrendous..mainly due to crap public transport system. Took us far too long to get there and back. I want my car back!!! (We had to come back another way....via cross-country -and very picturesque it was, too!!) Mother is feeling better. Broken heart is slowly mending....she has re-discovered her razor sharp way with words and has given "what for" to the appropriate parties!! She's advised me that she wants to come and stay for a couple of days SOON!! Yikes!! better get tidying up. What is it about visiting mothers and tidying up that gives one the ooo jaas?

Anyway, I am about to climb into bed and start on HP 6 and what do I find? Junior has nicked my book to read. Guess I'll wait until she drops off to sleep:O)....meanwhile....I will plan my out my new business empire...sod the tidying up!! lol! Now.....where did I put that pattern?

Does anyone ever read this blog of mine, I wonder?

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

One down!

Well, sad to report but Ginger is now in the great big fishbowl in the sky. Passed away this morning:O( No idea why. One minute Ging is ok, next Ging is floating away. We had the appropriate burial at sea (well, via the loo..I didn't think it appropriate to bury G in the garden..not with cats about...or to bury in the bin...eeeww!) with a few words said in Ging's memory. Fred will, no doubt, be molly coddled like no other goldfish on this earth...and so he should be.

Junior wanted to make soup tonight..so we did. Something nice about making meals together. And she is scoffing away as I type. All fresh, organic allotment goodies in it.

We are having a dvd night tonight...Freaky Friday - which is hilarious.... accompanied by M & M's 'cos the homemade trifle isn't ready yet:O( Tomorrow is visit Mother day...5 hour round trip...so we will be knackered come evening.

Monday, 16 July 2007

One of those days

Well, today I just didn't want to get out of bed! Call it apathy..or whatever...I'm still a bit fedup - for all sorts of reasons. Woke up in that frame of mind and am going to bed feeling much the same. Red tape is doing my head in. Officialdom and pettiness which seems to plague me in my poverty-stricken life!! lol. Would I feel any happier if I won a load of dosh on the lottery? Mmmm...now let me think!!! Having a "that time of the month" every three weeks definitely doesn't help either. Maybe I need to munch on a bag of nails to get my iron levels up!!

Anyway...I did get out of bed at an early hour. We did our usual pottering about and then visited the allotment to see if anything is left after this weekend's downpour. Well..yes....lots of weeds, too:O( So, we weeded and harvested some goodies for dinner (got our first batch of spinach!!) And Junior was busy trying to identify yet MORE weeds. We made tortilla/spanish omlette for dinner with our goodies and Junior said she could tell the ingredients we used were good and fresh:O)

Junior wrote a story, did some English related puzzles, some maths and this evening announced that she is going to read all her Garfield books! She even spent time looking at her dictionary. I've shown it her before but she's never really shown any interest or understood it. Anyway, now she likes and understands how to use it. Good job, 'cos she's eyeing up this huge crossword to do tomorrow. It's one of those win a prize ones, bless her.

So, during a quiet moment or two, I happened to stumble across this eco friendly blog and found, as you do, a long conversation about periods, washable material pads and mooncups!! So, I have downloaded the pattern for said material pads and am going to attempt to make some tomorrow!! This could be the start of my empire!! lol.

On the kitten front...Olive seems to have taken a shine to me....she purrs on command when I pick her up. Megan is just soooo laid back and loves Junior. Popeye is becoming more sociable and likes swinging from anything which happens to be hanging...like my dresses on the back of my bedroom door. They've managed to scale Junior's rattan wardrobe and Meg's made it to the back of the washing machine!! You could say that we have our hands full with these three:O)

Saturday, 14 July 2007

And there's more!!

Meet Fred and Ginger...latest inmates to the Min household...courtesy of Junior who won them at our local carnival today. She had to get three darts into separate playing cards on this board and bingo! She is excruciatingly bad at darts. The girl felt so sorry for her when she kept missing that she let her have 12 goes to win the fish!! So, she won Fred. We took him home straight away to prevent any further stress, dug out my pyrex bowl and that's his home until such time I get into the garage for the real goldfish bowl. Then, upon returning she goes and wins another one ('cos Fred would be lonely on his own!!). Ok, I'm a sucker and I can just see my mate M rolling her eyes and thinking that I need help!! lol. So, we goes home via overpriced local shop for some overpriced goldfish food and F & G are now making their acquaintances in my pyrex bowl!! Junior did mention that we do have a 4 foot fish tank in the lounge, currently unoccupied, so no need to oik the ickle one out of the garage. Mmm..makes sense, but they'd probably get lost in that. "No problem" Junior goes on to explain that it'll be ok 'cos we can always get more fish to fill it!!!

Fred and Ginger meet in the Pyrex Cafe

It was a lovely day and nice to see the community get together with all the usual carnival stuff. I, as usual, spent ages oohing and aahing over some greyhound dogs that were there to promote awareness of the plight of ex-racing dogs needing homes. Well, don't look at me 'cos I don't think I could pack another animal in here. lol. The girl at the overpriced local shop is trying her damnest to ply me with some baby hamsters that she has due to an illicit meeting between her pets, but it's a bit of a no no really with all these mogs in the house.

Anyway, Junior enjoyed herself, as did I. There was alsorts for the kids (young and old:O)) and a brilliant craft corner where she made a huge willow butterfly...and darn good it is, even if I say so myself. We had the obligatory bag of chips and candy floss and waddled about eating those:O)

Junior enjoying herself

This slide was enormous.

Willow butterfly

Syd..caught red-handed digging up my clematis...arghh

Now then...wonder if I can get the hose pipe to the fish tank in the lounge? Only kidding!!

Friday, 13 July 2007

One of those!

Had one of those moments today..you know..when you know you are doing the right thing. Home edding for us being the right thing.

Went to the local overpriced shop to purchase pet supplies and Junior bought herself some goodies out of her pocket money. Quite a few items as it happened, all with odd and different prices. She did the mental arithmetic and confidently handed over the correct monies. She's becoming a lot more independent when we're out shopping..with the calculations, etc. Our maths time seems to be paying off:O) She did some today, of her own accord and because she's not rushed, forced or tested has gained more interest and confidence. It may not seem much to some people but I know that she's turned yet another corner..stress-free:O)

Talking of stress-free....look at the life of Riley that this lot have!!
The little darlings, chilling...morning after the night before!!

Syd the Poser

The Big Cats

Chilling out in style!!

Thursday, 12 July 2007


Next time you see some lovely, cuddly, cute little kittens...don't get sucked in with the "aawww" thing and take them home. 11.10pm and mine are bloody juvenile delinquents. Arghhhhhhhhh.... GO TO ****** SLEEP!!!

Megan and Olive behaving..popeye isn't!

Popeye is a little *****

A proper handfull...arghhhhhh, Just give me earplugs and an eyemask and lock me away!!!!


Junior has decided that she wants to learn how to play the guitar... She got put off playing the piano by patronising lea man and hasn't touched it since (long story). The descant recorder is a bit too sedate for her. Anyway, I'm so glad that she's got her musical mojo back.

The only geetar that we have in the house at the moment is MY guitar!!! She's been twanging away all week and, I have to admit, has made up a few pleasant little tunes. So, her uncle..who is a former successful pop band member of yesteryear, has been designated with the task of ensuring she gets her chords right. He's a gentle, patient bloke and she thinks that he's the bee's knees and just wonderful. (he's top of her Christmas card list at the moment, because he's the one responsible for bringing the kittens) He has a child size electric guitar at home which no doubt will land here at the next opportunity. (He is my brother, the one who brings us pressies and items that I woudn't necessarily buy for myself....like generators (so I can plug in my strimmer and sort out rainforest size grass on the allotment), huge speakers on wheels, 4ft fishtank, cat kennels, butchers block, wood, diy manuals, etc.) Maybe he thinks my house isn't cluttered enough, or it's too girly!! If I happen to mention that I'd quite like blah blah, then the next time I see him he more often than not oiks said item into the house:O) So, I have to be careful what I say...he is just too thoughtful:O)

Anyway, I know he too is glad that Junior has, at last, gone all musicial 'cos he just loves jammin (brings back memories of the good old days..lol) On leaving our house the other day he had a slight smirk on his face and muttered something about the fact that he could get her a drum kit, no problem....tomorrow, if I like? He knows where there's one going for free. No, no, no....get ME one instead!! Ha..... that'll wake up the neighbours in hill billy land!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Blog slow downs

I'm like most people (I hope) and read other blogs. Many subjects take my interest. But I've noticed that a few home ed blogs are on "go slow". I hope you people don't give up...... and carry on the good work... bloggng your life and home ed stuff. Not some, or many but ALL are inspirational in their own way. Please keep posting you lot:O)


Anyway, back at the ranch....Syd still thinks he's a dog and has taken a fancy to Cilla - who is NOT interested.. The kittens, meanwhile, are growing up so quickly. They're nightbirds and you can hear them whizzing and cantering about and playing late on at night. Their characters are emerging...Popeye is a typical boy -like..."leave me alone...I can do it", Olive is just nuts and is not scared of anything and Megan is the laidback "anything for a quiet life" lap cat. They nearly made it out of the kitchen door today - en masse. Good job I was with it and stopped them high tailing it!!

So, with kitties safely back inside, we made a sort of mushroom carbonara today for tea, Junior and I. Some recipe that she pinched from watching Ready Steady Cook today. Was very nice. Pity I had half a bar of Galaxy chocolate for pud. lol

Sunday, 8 July 2007

It's not me, it's them others!!

Listened to the Five Live prog re home edding. I think Janey Lee Grace came over very well for us. Still can't figure out why they had the Scottish woman on (I am being reeeeally polite compared to what some of our fellow Scottish he'rs think of this person). Education in Scotland has been devolved, so why's she sticking her oar in? Well, they just want to stir it, again..the beeb I mean, not the lovely Scottish home edders. And the headmaster - he came over as a pompous control freak. What IS it with these people?

And, listen.....get your replies in re the consultation. You have until 31st July...otherwise home edding as we know and love it could be snookered and our kids could end up losing their personalised education.

I needed big time relaxation 'cos I knew, after the last Five Time farce, that I'd get wound up about it (don't you ever find that you have arguments with people in your head..you know..with the people who piss you off so much? Inconveniently, they're not there when you want to give them what for..so next best thing is to do it in the privacy of your own head...plus side is that you always win!! lol Junior sometimes asks who I'm playing hell with now? "How does she know?", I used to ask myself. But, it's a dead giveaway because, apparently, I adopt "that" look, do the silent mouthing thing and stomp about!

So, nutty mother and child toddled off to the allotment to see what was what there and if anything had survived our recent monsoon. Well, it wasn't so boggy as before (Junior did a spectacular slip last time in true smack-down style...worthy of any wrestling arena!) In terms of what's left...well..if I was in charge of the world's courgette and sweetcorn population, then they'd be extinct! Everything else, including weeds, were...damp! We harvested some stuff - photos below - and should be bouncing with health after consuming that lot. All organic. A fellow allotmenteer gave me a globe artichoke plant, which I am sooooo happy about. They make wonderful architectural plants even if you don't eat the goodies. Even Syd got some organic dandelion leaves:O)))

Baby carrots - Junior was eager - red & white onions and beetroot. The cucumber was donated by next door allotment neighbour:O)

Horse radish root - This is in the wild bit of the allotment for the creatures. If I weedkiller'd it then these would be no more..Lovely grated with a lot of grated beetroot.

Spuds straight from the ground...pity we brought so much soil home, though!!

The washed verion

Syd's dandelion leaves. When I came into the garden armed with these Spooky the cat came up to me..and Syd chased her off, 'cos the dandelion leaves were HIS!!! It was hysterically funny (not for the cat, but I imagine that she'll get her own back some way:O)

Globe artichoke baby - should grow to about 10 - 12 feet high.

See what I mean about the manky green fence?

Some orange pips we planted have sprouted!! yippee!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Live Earth Day

Been watching the Live Earth concert on tv today. I think that maybe the people "get" what we have to do...just wonder if the governments will listen and get their fingers out and do the right thing. Sincerely hope so.

More piccies of the terrible threesome:-

Asleep at last - or not?

Guess who's grumpy?

Family shot...son no 2 wanted to take them!

Little Miss Blue Eyes


Thursday, 5 July 2007

How did we do?

Well, today we went out and about to get provisions - of every kind.

We did plenty of maths before we set off.

Said I was after getting vegan and eco friendly stuff. Well......lol lol lol... after ensuring that I bought organic tofu, plenty of fresh veg and fruit, some maple syrup (bliss with bananas and pancakes - yum)...and "nice" toilet roll (an equal "aahh!).....We went on and got 6 pairs of shoes, boots, slippers between us..all for the princely sum of £44.00!!! We also bought a brand new calculator for Junior and her maths, card stock and storage boxes. And a MEGA sized cat litter tray for the kitties!! Tell yer...you would never believe how much crap can escape from something so little and innocent looking!!...and forget the aroma!

Me...being of age( (;O) ) bought very very comfy slippers...pink with diamonte I may add, some purple sequined flatties - aka think Ali Baba - and some white patent leather, sex on feet, best shave yer legs and paint yer toe nails cork sandals. Pow!! Just gotta make sure I stay upright as they are a tad high! Oh, what the ******! Junior, being more upfront and "don't give a damn" bought bright red knee length boots with a kitten heel with her pocket money and two pairs of sensible Mary Jane type, pink, flowery, sparkly shoes. We are set up for....ooooooo, at least 4 weeks!! lol!! Junior has been parading around the house in her red boots like someone out of "ello "ello!! And...before anyone gets their garters in twist and thinks I've allowed daughter to buy sex aids...the red boots are part of her Ukrainian dance outfit...gotta learn the dances of the homeland in style..don't cha?

Anyway, the rain stayed off until we got home...just in time to rescue Syd and bring him indoors, yet again! He got a treat, too. Tell yer, no wonder he thinks he's a dog!

Venturing out

Today, we are on a mission to shop, so we're not really giving the maths a rest, are we? Hopefully, it will stay fine enough to not warrant the use of fishermens' jackets and waders!!

Gran gave Junior some money which she wants to use to buy some crafting materials for her projects!! We also intend to suss out some vegan and eco-friendly shops. And buy maple syrup!! No doubt the animals will be suitably spoiled with pressies, too:O)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Maths, would you believe it?

Well, never thought it would happen....but Junior is into maths. Times tables to be precise...and not just your 1 to 12 times tables.... Oh no!! onwards and upwards we go!! Don't know how far we'll get, but we have a whole art pad to get through...and you can get 4 lots of tables on one sheet. She is concentrating like billyo...I've just been asked to type quietly!!! OK...I can take a hint...am off to do some long-awaited housework.....drat!!

Poor Mother!

I have been away at my Mum's. She is not a happy bunny at the mo and has needed a shoulder or two, if you know what I mean? She's not well in more ways than one.

I am now a bit of an old crock and well past the disco days. I don't feel old inside (I blummin well look it, though!) and more often than not don't act my age in the graceful way that others I know do. My mum is much the same. She's nearly 80 but says that when she looks in the mirror it isn't her that she sees. Definitely know the feeling there!

Anyway. like I said, Mum is a bit fedup 'cos she doesn't feel well...age and all that. She has no-one of her age to talk to 'cos all her friends (including my Dad) have "passed over" and the ones who haven't don't know where they are...if you see what I mean? She is feeling very fragile, scared and lonely. Plus, she is nursing a bit of a broken heart!

She ended this relationship she had with a "friend...nothing going on"...friend (and there wasn't) and I think the loneliness has hit her and reminded her of how dastardly some people can be. Funny, isn't it? There I was, years ago, wailing over who ever it was....can't remember his name...and she was there trying to gee my spirits up, albeit her way..... and here I am, many, many years later...doing the same thing for her. Wish me luck!

Sunday, 1 July 2007


I want to learn how to do links in my text. I'll be tinkering with this so will, no doubt, end up with all sorts of links on here! What do they call it when you haven't quite got there with it? "A work in progress."