Friday, 29 October 2010

My Left Foot

Ooooooo! There IS a god!!

Laptop has woken up! Yay!

My left foot has given up the will to live, it seems. Don't ask me why this affects my desire to communicate via the www! lol Anyway, I am reduced to hobbling, assisted by walking stick. This pisses me off greatly. I have lovely shoes in my wardrobe and am reduced to having to wear boring flatties and slippers. Arghhh. I am very peri-menopausally bad tempered, too. Am trying to reduce the amount of RA medication, which is not good for the stomach,..... before said stomach goes down the hatch, so to speak. Alas, joints are complaining a bit. Maybe I can wean them off the drugs? Red wine and herbal teas are doing a great intermediary job! lol Plus a vegan diet:o)

Junior is being great...and growing up fast!! I am being constantly told by friends that she is a beauty. Model material. She hears this but still doesn't bother with any beauty regime of sorts. She is not vain enough. The times I have had to cajole her into washing her neck! lol She loves her lipglosses, though:o)

I sit and look at her. She is so not vain at all. Quirky, yes.
She has a kind heart. I am thankful for that. Her 'father' is a top of the tree pillock for not wanting her.

We had a letter re the cervical cancer jab that is being peddled for 12-18 year olds. Junior doesn't want it until it's been fully researched and healthy babies have been born from innoculated women. She doesn't want to be a guinea pig. I expect we'll get a load of hassle from the ptb's.

Been to Mother's today for the Daily Nag'.

Bless her. She means well but DOES MY HEAD IN!!! She reckons the answer to my peri-menopausal woes is to 'get sorted'; have a hysterectomy!! I suggest to her that I am not in need of a spay, but this, literally, falls on deaf ears. Arghhh....

Off I hobble. Meanopause brings such joyous chin hair...which the removal of is dodgy if your eyesight is shot....and bladders with minds of their own. List goes on. Such joy! Thank the lord for red wine and nettle tea:o)

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