Monday, 21 June 2010


Junior was up this 6am early!

After making her bed and doing the usuals, she then proceeded to practise......her piano homework on the fandangled, computerised ticketyboo keyboard that big bro has loaned her. This thing allows you to play every known instrument to man!! in the sound effects department. Then there's all the accompanying bits like drums, beats, backing tracks, etc.

I know the neighbours are away on holiday but I wonder about the 'noise'.

'Sorted'..she tells me and plonks on a pair of headphones.


She played really well! lol

Tea tonight is a concoction of veg and vegan meat in a spicy satay sauce, over a bed of noodles:o) Pudding will probably be strawberries and vegan cream...that is if there are any strawberries smoothies are going down a storm here. Helps to have colourful straws. It's amazing how they make the stuff more appealing to kids.

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