Monday, 28 May 2012

What's your safe place?

Woke up and could not find my mobile phone.

Bugger!  Major bugger.

Where did I put the thing?  Turns our that I put it in the safest place,  

Down the old bra!  

|like most folk, we  have tea/dinner/evening meal.  Bit of a hike from kitchen to dining room in this house.

Only so many hands are available to get stuff from A to it goes..the phone.....  Trouble is, this time, ...I forgot to put it by the bedside lamp.  Just hopped into of nod.

Ringing bras are ...different!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

What has the dog spotted?


Not been well.  And, there's been all this dodgy weather.  Potty!

New internet connection is ok.  Not gone to plan, but that would be the story of my life....sigh...

Eyesight seems to be shot, too.  All this good news!   Can you take it?   lol

Well, talking of neighbours....we have Big Ears on one side...and not so nice ones on the other.  NOW....we have a bit of a diversion.  


The dog will not be left alone.  No No No!!!!!  Doesn't like the downstairs. 

Will not stay in the kitchen.   AND.... no amount of 'You will do as you are told' will do. 


Wherever we go, she goes.  She is glued to my side.     As previously mentioned, she has bulldozed her way through a mighty strong dog gate.  She just pants and stresses for England.  She either stays by my side..or goes under the bed or dining table.

The cats growl on occasion....and they seem to prefer to be upstairs.

Well...a previous resident, apparently, passed over in the house.  Elderly gentleman.

Now, we have a fitted glass cupboard in the living room and I have noticed that one of the doors opens....usually about 3am. (been kipping downstairs 'cos of the rabble that's moved in next door).  Well, the day before we had our new phone line installed, we bought a new phone.  Took it out of the box and put it on the coffee table.  We had no phone connection or anything.   Well, bugger started bleeping at....3am   Argh...   Safe to say that I nearly pooped my pants,

Junior sleeps with all the lights on that are available to she has with her  her arsenal of clawy, bad-tempered mogs...all eleven of 'em!!!

Me.. it's just me and the dog in my bedroom...Up to press, the dog is the one kipping under the bed!
Ay, never a dull moment.

Ironic thing is...we have a cat (one of the Old Ladies) who is called... Spooky.