Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Usual Suspect

Came down this morning to feathers EVERYWHERE! All over the front room. EVERYWHERE!

Had to hoover them up hastily before Junior spotted them (as if they would be hard to miss) and lay the 'body' to rest. Now have to disinfect the floor.

I would hedge a bet and point my finger at Popeye as likely suspect.

Cats are such a pain in the arse, sometimes!!! They've now taken to sitting on the fence. I know what they're up to. They're staking out next door's VERY EXPENSIVE and very talkative parrot. Eeeek!!

It's not as if they're starving,either. Food is always available for them in the hope that it stops this sort of thing. What else to do, apart from keep them in all the time?

Someone I know with three kids would probably suggest a shotgun!!

And, to cap it all.....later this morning we are off on an educational visit to a reservoir full of saily boats (I hate anything to do with water more than 2 inches deep) and then on to a huge and very expensive garden centre to try and find these elusive bloody bamboo canes for our bean plants. How I am going to manage them in the little farty, half a car Punto that Son no 1 has kindly loaned me while he suns himself on a Med beach, I do not know. We are taking Mother and friend so have to be careful so as not to spear them!! (that reminds me...must enquire about ordering asparagus plants). Mother, no doubt, will want to visit the probably very over-priced cafe and indulge in coffee and cake. Sigh......Bamboo canes are all this poorling can afford at the mo. Must not get enticed and blow rest of week's paltry budget on beautifiul plantlings.

I am not going to buy any bedding plants. I am not going to buy any bedding plants....however bargainy they might be!!

Just to live a little dangerously, our little jaunt takes place in the heart of Hill Billy LEA land!! Feel sorry for anyone armed with a clipboard from aforementioned department who might approach us and ask why Junior is not in school. Mother has sharpened her teeth in readiness. She thinks truancy patrols are an appalling waste of time and disgusting intrusion of one's privacy. She's lived in Hitlerland and won't have it here.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Canadian Vegan's a start!!!

We were up at the allotment the other day. Two little chickens had gotten out of their enclosure and were frantically trying to get back in. Mother Hen was furiously trying to egg them back in ( pun intended!) Anyway. along comes we....tries to get the little things back in. They weren't the little fluffy chick types. much older and more of the miniature version of mum...or dad. Anyway. they have rheas on that plot, too. Rheas can be quite territorial and don't, apparently, like hats!!! Father of plot holder of absconded chicks wears a hat. lol Anyway, chicks got chucked over back to their mum and all was well...apart from Father of plotholder who had his hat pecked..quite a bit!!! lol Anyway, we are not so hot on eating chicken..or duck...or goose or rheas:o)) Hence next link which was of interest.

Finger lickin' tofu: KFC goes vegan
From Wednesday's Globe and Mail
June 4, 2008 at 9:11 AM EDT
Call it an end to Kentucky Fried Cruelty.

After five years of protests, KFC Canada and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have cut a deal that will see the Canadian chain improve its chicken slaughter conditions and introduce vegan menu options.

Yes, vegan chicken at KFC.

The fake chicken, known as unchicken, has been around for years and is available in a handful of restaurants and stores in Canada. Most of the fake meats are soy-based and fair game for vegans. Some may contain eggs, but are meat-free.

There are some Canadian unchicken manufacturers (one calls it "Chick'n"), but a selection of the mock meats is not easy to find. Many Ontarians turn to an unusual supplier: the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The church offers a range of fake meats, including chicken, burgers, hot dogs and bacon. Adventists do not eat shellfish or pork and many strive for vegetarianism as part of a healthier lifestyle. They sell the unchicken (frozen, canned or dried) to anyone, and it's "very, very popular," said Halsey Peat, a church spokesman.

The mock-meat market remains small, but with the KFC deal it's about to get a whole lot bigger.

"It means more choice for people who are vegetarian and more options for people thinking about it," said David Alexander, director of operations for the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

PETA will now call off its Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign in Canada, which was supported by many celebrities including Canadians Pamela Anderson and Ryan Gosling. KFC Canada pledged to buy from suppliers who gas their chickens, what PETA calls "the least cruel form of poultry slaughter ever developed."

PETA will continue to press KFC in the United States and elsewhere to change its slaughter practices - and sell unchicken, as 461 KFC Canadian chain stores have agreed to do.

"KFC is sort of taking a bit of leadership on the issue," said Mr. Alexander, a vegetarian for two years. "We've moved beyond the era of the veggie burger, I think."

Windy Weekend

Spent a lovely weekend with family and there....and trying to catch up on sleep.  I am really feeling quite tired of late, what with everything going off.   Red tape still looming in the background. 

Went down to Son no 2's and had more cuddles with grand daughter.  She's so lovely.  Daughter-in-law is still suffering with pain, so was resting.  

Nephew has been down, again, so Gingernut was happy:o)  Junior and Nephew have been getting on jolly well, as usual.  PS2 has been in action... just a bit and the allotment  has been visited, too.   We have some beans to go in, but can't find any canes anywhere.  All sold out it would appear, so shall have to think of something as they need to go in!!   We're about to embark on digging out a herb garden and are looking into designs.  We don't want a bog-standard rectangular bed...Boring!........more of a pentagrammy shaped design, so I'm perusing all the herb blogs I can lay my eyes on for inspiration.   Scarecrow needs to go up soon, too.  That should be a laugh!!  Who shall we base him/her on?  Lol     And we're going to make some bunting with our scrap material to keep the birds from eating everything.   Better than old cd's and carrier bags which just contaminate the ground when they break up. 

Son no 1 is now on his jollies abroad with friends.  They flew on the windiest day for ages!!!!  He didn't seem too bothered, but his girlfriend was looking rather worried.  Like me, she hates flying.  So, Son no 1....TEXT ME so I know you're ok!!!!! 

Japan project...we did a little taste-testing of sushi (vegetarian) which was surprisingly not that bad.  Very healthy tasting.  Junior was ok with the wasabe but wasn't too keen on soy sauce on her stuff...better in a stir fry we thinks.   It was shop bought of course..the sushi.  Think we might try making this now that we've found some of the ingredients in a local supermarket.  What else can you make?  Shows how little we know.  Difficult when you're veggie, too so shall have to read up on it.  Actually, I'll get my little assistant to do it.  Wonder what she'll come up with?

Olive's kittens are doing well.  They're a noisy lot and she is a very good mother.  We have 3 boys and 2 girls.   I said we wouldn't..but we have...named them.  Olive is so beautiful...long-haired, etc but she seems to have given birth to bog-standard little mogs.  Their personalities are starting to emerge.  Ginger male and black female scrap over the best teat.   Feisty like their Mum.  The other three seem nice and calm like Dad:o))  When T sorts my camera out I'll get some piccies up.  

Saturday, 21 June 2008


The ideas that the ptb have are just too stupid for words.  All too often I am dismayed at their stupidity.

They'll be fining you for breathing next!!

You might want to sign......This

When I was little...about 5...I'd been to town with my sister for something...can't remember what. Anyway, I was ABSOLUTELY needing the loo. This was on the bus on the journey home. It was a long journey for a little 'un. I was crying because of the pain...bladder full.... My sister, ever considerate, just kept snapping that I'd have to wait until we got home. Meanwhile, bus with seemingly no suspension, trundled over hill and dale!! I was in so much pain that I was on the verge of passing out.

Well, we got off the bus at our stop. Home was about 200 yards away at the most, but I was in SO much pain. I could not walk. Sister was still being inconsiderate. There being no loos ANYWHERE she was at a loss as to what to do anyway except drag me home asap. So, people just walked past us, but this particular lady saw me crying and doubled up in pain. She just grabbed hold of me and hoisted me over the nearest drain and told me to pee!! It was just common sense in that situation. This lady intervened and help let nature do its thing. Same with feeding. It's different when kids are much older when they know better, but babies and little toddlers?.  When the littlies are hungry then it's 'needs must'....The feeding mothers are hardly going to 'whap 'em out' and do a Page 3!!........ 

Pah...To quote my ex....."the someone who thought this one up has shit for brains!!!"  Excuse the French and all that!!

Friday, 20 June 2008

80 words


Auntie Junior

Auntie Junior saying "Hello" to her new niece:o))

Thursday, 19 June 2008

She's Here At Last:o)))

I'm a Granny:o))

Little one arrived this morning via natural birth.  A healthy 8lb 2oz!!  Mother and Baby Girl doing well.  Son no 2 proud as punch. 

Olive has produced, too.  Five...all different:o))   (she has appointment with vet in ten weeks time!!)

Bless 'em all:o))

What a day!!


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Veg Man

We've been socialising with the elderly, again:o))   Been to see Mother, who is not feeling too good and so is all teary and has started with a cold to boot, so no point us staying away now! 

The Fruit & Veg Man comes up every week to Mother's place so the ladies and gents can buy fresh food without having to leave the sheltered housing complex.  Nice idea especially for those who are less mobile.... and it works very well AND it's all good quality stuff.  Junior and I came out laden with goodies, as per usual,  as Mother is still a little unwell and stays in her flat.   The 'oldies' are all sat there in their Shackleton type chairs in the communal lounge , purses and bags at the ready, eager to see what goodies the young guy is going to temp them with this week.  I have to smile, though.  This scene always reminds me of some of the old Les Dawson skits when he played the gossipy old woman.. along with the guy who used to be in Coronation Street.  Who said roll-up stockings and bloomers were out of fashion?!!!  lol

Grandchild still not appeared. xx  10 hours since 'inducement'.    Waters have broken, though and mum-to-be is high as a kite on something they've given her.  Son no 2 is absolutely pooped.....has had no sleep for 36 hours.   Get used to it I say!!! lol    I, meanwhile, am pacing the floor in our olbas oil and vick infused household waiting for news.   Didn't think I'd get teary eyed.....but I am.   Auntie-to-be Junior, who is now, at last,  fast asleep, has set her alarm clock for 7am.  She doesn't want to miss any news and is eager to see the little one asap:o))

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Has she popped yet?

Daughter-in-law is being induced. Grandchild of Min should be here soon:o))

However, I cannot go anywhere near the little bundle as I have a 'stinking, eye-watering, sneeze every minute and so become untrendily incontinent' cold!! Arghhh!! I hate this!!!

Still, better safe than sorry:o)) Junior had flu when she was a baby and it is NOT NICE!! So, Son no 2 will email me some piccies.

Back to herbal tea, echinacea, olbas oil:, honey and lemon, squinting through watery eyes and trying to crochet!! Joy!! o))

Can't upload any photos at the mo, either. Played with the video facility on the camera and we have knackered the upload doofer thingy. Another Arghhhh!!

When I am over this cold and can approach friends and family in safety again....I shall flutter eyelashes at a certain T person and ask very, very nice T to sort us out:o)))'ve been warned:o))) xxx

Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Crow and the Cat and Father's Day

Still feels weird not giving a Father's Day card by hand or sending via Royal Mail even.

Sent mine via heart to heaven.xxxxxx

Dad would have loved this clip. Birds and cats. His favourites:o))) He used to keep pigeons, as most men did in those days. Don't know why it was pigeons. Why not budgies or parrots (my brother had one and Dad hated it!) Maybe it was because pigeons were like the underdog...or is it underbird? But you get what I mean. If ever an animal was 'picked on' he'd be there to stick up for it in his own way. Used to drive Mother nuts...but she also had a soft spot for pigeons and doves. He would never kill one to eat. Never. We had one, a dove. Mother rescued it and nursed it back to health. It had a little dovecote in the garden. Mum and Dad decided that it was time to let the dove wild and free. Took it MILES a car. Set it free in 'dove land'. Drove find little dove waiting for them on the doorstep. Cool or what? Talk about devotion. After that, they gave up and ideas of 'freedom' and dove lived its life out with us:o))

Dad used to work in a mill. Hard work.. textiles. Anyway, come break and dinner times he'd sit on a little a corner of the mill and eat/drink whatever he'd brought in that day. At the last mill he worked in he noticed a little mouse. It'd look out for tit bits. He would, of course, share some of his bread with it. Eventually, the little mouse became so tame that it would sit at his feet and eat with Dad. Anyway, Dad was prone to illness. TB........he managed to acquire during the latter part of WW2 in the POW camp. So, he was off work for a bit. Came back to find that someone had killed the mouse. Set a trap for it. Needless to say, Dad was fuming. Unnecessary loss of life. The mouse couldn't do any harm but someone just had to kill it just because it was a mouse!!!

In the same mill, after the mouse episode, a cat took up residence. A feral cat. Trusted no-one AT ALL!! Usual story. Dad befriends the feline. Shares his dinner with it. It would go to no-one other than my Dad. Well, the mill was due to close. Textile mills weren't doing that well in those days. Dad wanted to save the cat. The mill was due to be purged by builders and the like and little mog would stand no chance. He eventually saved her...on the last day of his employment there. Cat was female...and he brought her home. She was kept in a bedroom for ages, until she became used to her new home...and she was hard work. Totally did not trust humans...except my Dad of course. She was a lovely thing. Mostly white with black bits here and there. Anyway, she gradually gained confidence and became a 'normal' cat. Loved him and he loved her. Total devotion. Lasted about six months. Someone across the road put down rat poison and she died. Must have eaten a poisoned rodent. Neighbour found her under a hedge. She was trying to get home.

Used to pee my Dad off. All this killing of animals...the ones perceived as pests, vermin. He never had another cat after the mill cat.

Wonder how he's getting on in heaven, with his mouse friend and cat friend? Fun and games, I bet:o))

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Brained and Video!

Have been blessed with a cold and sore throat. Junior suffered first and now I am keeping her company:o)) Just what we need with impending arrival of Grandchild of Min.

Daughter in law has gone to the maternity ward with her mum, yet again, for an 'inspection'. She's still enduring these slow labour pains and not liking at all!! Her actual due date is today, so it could be anytime now:o) Think she's realising now the enormity of her decision to have a baby at such a young age...... impending responsibilities of motherhood and labour pains are a good reminder that parenthood is not a game. Son no 2, ever practical, is out at work, earning as much as he can before the little one arrives...or maybe he is avoiding the 'pain'?

Of my boys (who are like chalk and cheese), he has always been the physical grafter, the doer. He'll have his own business up and running soon I'm sure:o)) He's bright as a bobbin, but academia bores him. His brother has always been the delegator/customer services/talk his way out of anything sort of lad. Has always been bullshitting his way out of situations to take the spotlight off dyslexia. School never really helped him out, even though I pointed it out time after time. Seems that very same school is now officially recognised as a failing school and is under threat of closure unless it gets its finger out. Funny that...parents point out the obvious re their kids' needs/they are dysexic, etc.. teaching/school staff fob you off as 'not knowing what you're talking about' (especially if you're a single parent..tut tut).. and.... bingo..years later.. parent is proved right!! The school and its systems IS crap!! Hallelujiah, someone in Authority land has cottoned on!!!

On the Artsy and Craftsy side, Junior has been busy making beaded bracelets and the like. She's also discovered that our digital camera has a videoing facility on it, so she's recording away and you know where that's going!!! We're trying to figure out how to get these little treasures up onto the Mac. Maybe we'll eventually get one up on the blog:o) Anyhows, the pooches and mogs are being very good actors and actresses and awards will be handed out left, right and centre I'm sure:o))

Meanwhile, while the batteries are recharging,  I need to dig out instruction manual for the camera....might save a lot of grief that way! lol Oh, to get it sussed in time for Little One's arrival:o))

Funny weather lately!! Just nearly been brained bringing washing in during a mega hailstorm.  Had to put our more fragile plants under the patio tables for safety.  Now the hailstorm is over.. go outside and you'd never know that Mother Nature tried to nut me one!! It's eerily quiet, quiet on the twittering bird front and pooches are a bit clingier than usual. Don't have tv so no idea what is predicted weather-wise. Seems to be the same world-wide. Another earthquake..this time in Japan, terrible floods in the US. The power of Mother Earth, eh?

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Granny Time Looms

Have been a bit too 'way laid' to post, am afraid. Mind is on lots of things....STOOOPID NASTY Council for one.... but they are not top of the list..but I wish they'd get a life.

'Tis nothing to do with alcohol or any other substance either, I might add.

'Daughter in law" is in slow labour. Grandchild of Min is about to make an appearance and we are on tenterhooks!!!!!

She goes to hospital...they send her home. She goes....again.......they send her home. So, tonight, she is having another back massage to ease her pain. All her pain seems to be in the back. Mine was...and I ended up having a caesarean. Son no 2 (according to DIL's mum) has been great. Have told him to get some sleep and not play on the Wii!!!

Have 'booked' my sister and nephew to babysit everything down here...including Olive's impending delivery:o))) I am able to witness grandchild's entry into this world:o)) We live miles away!! Err, what I mean is that we'll have to travel to hospital to witness all this in person and not view birth via some super dooper telescope!! lol

I'm SO looking forward to it....but am shit scared!!! (I know...'Bad language, Timothy!!'....and all that. Lol


And, yes, of course I'm too bloody young to be a granma:o)))

Wonder if grandchild will be a rebel, like moi? LOL

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Carry on up the Allotment

We have had a busy weekend.

We have been looking after Ginger.  She was in season and my sister doesn't want any more puppies, so the pooch was shipped out to us until it is "safe" to return.  They have other male dogs in the house, you see.  My nephew, owner of Ginger the Whinger, came down (100 miles) to babysit his dog so that we could go out to a home ed friend's birthday party on Saturday night. Junior's mate:o) It was feared that if we went out without Ginger then she would yowl the street down...and party didn't finish 'til later on, so neighbours might be a tad fed up. And Junior was really looking forward to this.  We don't get out much on a Saturday night nowadays due to lack of funds and, anyway, a bunch of grapes had been promised!! Long story.

Fancy dress was the party theme.  What/who to go as?  Decisions, decisions.   Anyway, Junior wasn't a princess, or a fairy as per noooo....Tonight...Junior was....  Amy Winehouse.  lol.  We spent ages getting the hair right and managed it without any hairspray!!  Plus she loved the make up and excuse for having 'tatoos'.    The party was great. Very funny in parts.  Nice kids (and parents).   I could people watch all day. 

Junior and Nephew

Junior. Taken from 'tuther side of the room.

So, today, we have been 'up the allotment'. Nephew, ably assisted by Junior, kindly dug out another bed for me. This one for sweetcorn. We still have a mammoth task ahead of us...due to the plot being the size of a football pitch!! Anyway, we are sort of getting there. Would get there much quicker if useless petrol mower worked, meaning that I would not be inundated with sprouting greens of the inedible kind yet again!!! Arghhhh!!!

seless lawnmower!!!!! On strike, again! Just look at the height of that grass already!!!

The view from our plot:o))

Nice and Tidy!

Some of the 'inmates on the site...they are not ostrich or emu!! They're rheas;o)))  Bert here, at the HUGE and very quiet!  New mate in the background, I think.  The animals on here are not for the dinner plate and they're very well looked after:o))

Time for refreshments..already?  Part timers!!!
Half a bed done, already:o)
Been weeding brassicas.  Evicted a couple of snails!!!

Resting.  He is the spitting image of my Dad..except a lot taller:O)))

Going home after an afternoon's toil:o) I love Junior's Carry on up the Allotment outfit:o)

Well, Nephew has gone. Off to work. Nights..Six per week. He looks knackered! And Ginger the Whinger? Aw...she stuck to his side ALL weekend and has been no trouble at all. She's spent the last couple of hours looking for him, now that he's had to go to work. Bless. So, she's now keeping Junior's feet warm:o

Saturday, 7 June 2008


Found this here

According to a news report, a certain private school in Washington was recently faced with a unique problem. A number of 12-year-old girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom. That was fine, but after they put on their lipstick, they would press their lips to the mirror leaving dozens of little lip prints. Every night the maintenance man would remove them and the next day the girls would put them back.

Finally the principal decided that something had to be done. She called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there with the maintenance man. She explained that all these lip prints were causing a major problem for the custodian who had to clean the mirrors every night (you can just imagine the yawns from the little princesses).
To demonstrate how difficult it had been to clean the mirrors, she asked the maintenance man to show the girls how much effort was required to clean the mirrors. He took out a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror with it. Since then, there have been no lip prints on the mirror.

There are teachers... and then there are educators.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Who Dunnit?

Third time this week have I come downstairs to be faced with a dead body!!  Still warm, too!!!  Eeeew!!

Who is/are the natural born killer/s in this house, then?  Junior and I have been wondering.   We had not a clue.   Well, we did..sort of...the older cats being Prime Suspects!!  Experience and all that...   

So, is it the pooches?   Nah...they're nearly always snoring away and, anyway, live in a dog crate/bed at night.   Is it Olive?  Nah, she's busy nesting and bad-tempered to boot.  What about Popeye?  Nah...he's too busy annoying Spooky and Muppet with his mischievous antics, like dive-bombing them when they're not looking and running off.   Ha ha ha!!!  Or else he can be spotted po-going in the garden...trying to catch flies and moths...or any dangly bits of clothing hanging from my washing line.   

So..... that leaves  little, tiny, cute, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth Meg!    Yep, Megan did it, in the garden, with her razor-sharp teeth!!!

We've spotted her many a time, galloping up the path..with a leaf in her mouth!!  Clever cat:o))  Anyway, she's moved on to the real deal and, it seems, is not too fussy as to what she catches.   This week, so far, we've had mouse, blue tit and this morning...a frog....all ceremoniously placed on the front room rug!  Eeeew!!!  Downside to having mogs:o((

The culprit

Were I a bit more organised, of strong stomach and 'that way inclinced' I could've used these little 'gifts' in a biology in dissect!!   Maybe I'm a crap home edder but I haven't.  I know people who would have 'picked and poked'.....  but not me.   Bodies have been laid to rest..well away from felines. 


Ah...NOW he's camera shy!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New Life

Well, still cannot get to the back of the garage!!!

What does this signify? Bikes....can't get to them....supposed new health regime....We are still unfit....arghhhhh!!

So, to counter this, we're digging for England on the allotment! Horray!!!! (Anyway, we need the food!!!) lol

Planted a whole FOUR courgette plantlings today. They need LOADS AND LOADS of space..little Min n Junior did a load of digging and now walk like a pair of old ladies:o)). (need to invest in some relaxing bath salts!) We didn't bring with us any old pop bottles to put over our little plantlings to protect them (BAD MUMMIES!!) so hope the nice birdies and creatures leave them alone. As luck would have it, all our courgette and aubergine seeds have gone forth and sprouted, so we have way too many...more beds need to be dug to accommodate some of these. The rest we shall have to freecycle. Good job we like ratatouille:o)

Ginger Nut continues to be the clingly little thing she is... Junior will kill me for this!!!  But.. don't they just look so sweet when they're asleep? Dog not normally allowed on the sofa, by the way:o) She's a bit of a creeper, if you know what I mean?


Learning Japanese is proving to be difficult. So, we are embarking on the "let's play games to learn" front and hoping that this will help the penny (or yen) drop. On the 'Trying out Japanese food front'...what fun we shall have with that!!! lol

Grand daughter of Min is due soon. Very soon.:o)

Offspring of Olive are due soon, too!!!:o))

Busy, busy, busy here:o)

Waiting to be potted up. Love the sunny colour.

Too many cookbooks...and fave 'bits'..wooden mog, knitted teddy, crystals and pottery dragon...and dust.  Ooops!

Morning Glory....and boy have they sprouted!! They're almost 'alive'..and lean towards the window. Turn them around to straighten up and half an hour later they're leaning back towards the window. Almost triffid-like!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Been asked to spread the word

I would love to be able to go to this. John Taylor Gatto:o))


Arbroath, Angus, Scotland
Friday 12th September - Sunday 14th September 2008

A weekend long event hosted by Scotland's national home education support
organisation, Schoolhouse, in co-operation with Angus Arts and part funded
by Awards for All, to mark International Freedom in Education Day 2008.

A one day formal conference on Friday 12th September will focus on the broad
theme of
freeing education from the constraints of traditional schooling and will run
in parallel with a weekend programme of family orientated arts and heritage
activities in the home of the famous Declaration of Arbroath.


Date: Friday 12th September, 9.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Webster's Memorial Theatre, Arbroath

This event is aimed at all those with an interest in educational rights and
freedoms, including policy makers, formal and informal educators, youth and
community workers, children's reporters, representatives from children's and
family support organisations, parents, academics, researchers and learners
aged 12 and over. (Please note that this event is not suitable for children
under 12).

The confirmed keynote speakers are:

John Taylor Gatto:
Three times New York City teacher of the year and
renowned international speaker and author of many books on educational
reform, including Dumbing Us Down: the hidden history of compulsory
schooling and The Underground History of American Education

Iain Nisbet:
Solicitor and partner at Govan Law Centre's Education Law Unit
in Glasgow which works in partnership with schools, education authorities,
parents' groups and charities to make rights in education a reality.

The finalised programme will include workshop and panel sessions, as well as
plenty of informal networking opportunities.

Date: Friday 12th September, 9.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Arbroath Community Centre

Schoolhouse has teamed up with local charity Angus Arts (run by home
educators) who will be organising a programme of arts activities for
participants of all ages in the local community centre. We are also hoping
to secure the involvement of the Arbroath Pageant Society, and local history
expert Jim McGugan will organise tours of the historic Abbey

Date: Saturday 13th September, 9.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Arbroath Community Centre

This will be a more informal day aimed exclusively at families
rather than organisations. John Taylor Gatto will deliver a second
presentation in the morning and there will be a number of workshop sessions
focusing on specific areas of interest to families as well as opportunities
for informal discussion. Arts and heritage activities will run alongside the
conference and workshop sessions.

Date: Saturday 13th September

Details and venue to be confirmed, but we plan to hold a traditional ceilidh

Date: Sunday 14th September, morning only
Venue: Arbroath Community Centre

This will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on the previous
two days' activities and discussions and consider ways forward for
freethinking educators. The morning's programme will be informal and


The following ticket costs for the 2.5 day event apply to home educating
families and individuals only.
Adult: £25
Young Person (5-17): £15
Under 5: FREE

[These costs do not apply to delegates representing public, private or
voluntary organisations at the formal Friday conference
who will be required to book separately].


Parental Responsibility
Parents will remain responsible for their children at all times and will
be expected to accompany them during activities. We regret that children
under the age of 12 will not be admitted to the formal conference on Friday
12th, but we plan to record the event and make a DVD available to
conference participants at a later date.

A map of the venues will be sent with booking confirmation. Arbroath is
located approximately 14 miles north of Dundee and 50 miles south of
Aberdeen (nearest airport). It is easily accessible by public transport and
is on the main Aberdeen-London rail route.

Information about local accommodation will be sent with booking
confirmation. There is a static caravan site on the edge of the town, a good
selection of local B&Bs, guest houses and hotels, as well as campsites
within easy reach of the town. Dundee is the nearest city with a range of
accommodation options.

Your details will be used for event administration purposes only.
Schoolhouse will never disclose your contact information to third parties
without your express consent.

Photographic documentation and video recording may take place throughout the
event. If you prefer not to have your images used, please let conference
staff know when you register.

Cancellation Policy
Fees for bookings cancelled more than 28 days prior to the date of the
conference will be refunded in full. No refunds will be made within 28 days
of the event, but substitute participants may be registered. All
cancellations and substitutions must be
made in writing and confirmed in writing by Schoolhouse.

Full details will shortly be posted on our website, but please do not
hesitate to contact us for further information in the meantime. We very much
hope you will be able to join us for our celebration of
freedom in education!


Schoolhouse Home Education Association, PO Box 18044, Glenrothes, Fife KY7
T: 01307 463120 (answering machine - please leave a message and we will call you back)

Schoolhouse is a Recognised Scottish Charity No SC026965