Monday, 6 September 2010

There She Blows

Been chasing washing all over the garden today as it's very windy here. Starting to blow a noisy gale, too. The gods are farting:o) Well, better out than in I say! So, here starts today's topic. lol

I used to work with a woman who had been married for over 15 years and had NEVER, ever passed wind in the presence of her hubby! Amazingly, she had had a 100% success rate in the 'escapee' dept, too. No rogue farts in her house, which is a major miracle considering the amount of alcohol she consumed and cigarettes she smoked! Maybe the tar from the nicotine helped bung her up? I don't know. I, of course, found and still find this unbelievable...the non fartum thing... but she swore it was true and was quite taken aback that the rest of us women in the office were not like her. Of course, the silent type could never be me..or my back end. Would be incapable of 'holding on..or in'... as the old Sphincter muscle responsible for things at that 'end' is well and truly shot..but at least it's given me a giggle or two...with more to come, I should imagine! ...........Jacket spud with beans for lunch:o))))

Oooooops!! Junior takes after her mother...bless:o)) ..and still hasn't mastered the art of foiling any escapees. Lots of 'Ooooops' and giggles here:o)
From our garden. Yummy. We grew these in a 1ft x 2ft tub.
Popeye with the 'I am not amused, who did that 'cos it wasn't me?' look. Yes...cats do fart!
Cherubs floating around our upstairs, floaty, cloudy ceiling


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