Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I have enough on my plate

Today I am pissed off with red tape and those who hide behind it.

Pissed off with LEA people doorstepping us.

However, the red tape that pisses me off the most at the mo is that which breaks my Mother's heart and that of her other half.

You know he is in a care home. He wants to go home. He is frightened....he told her again yesterday.

Do you know why? Well, she goes to see him and today notices he is down. She asks if he has had his dinner? No, is his reply. She takes him to his room...which he hates but it is the only 'private' place they have....to calm him down. She always brings him some food as he seems to underfed. Today it was trifle and some pie, which he wolfs down. This is strange as he is a slow eater. She then susses out that he needs toileting, so she sees to it and discovers that he has obviously been walking around in soiled pants. The care staff come in with his dinner. Jacket spud with manky red cheese, which has been microwaved to stone. It is WAY beyond dinner time and so Mother asks why he is being fed so late. It is because he wouldn't sit down to eat it, so they with held it, the 'food' until now! Punishment. Mother asks if they asked him why he wouldn't sit down. No, they didn't. Couldn't be arsed it seems. No pun intended.

He is being neglected but no matter what Mother says, it is dissed. This is all going to court and, as far as I can see, the law is an ass if it allows this sort of thing to go on!

She tells them, the so-called carers, that he wouldn't sit down because he had soiled his pants and asks if they would sit down if they had underwear full of crap? They tell her they didn't mean any harm. As if! All this 'care' for just £500 a week! Forcibly taken out of his savings. Bargain or what? Pffffffffff!!

The young and the elderly. Vulnerable targets for these vultures!

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