Sunday, 31 August 2008

Teen Time

Junior is turning into a teenager before her time. "tis not fair. I'm not ready for all those hormones yet as I'm still recovering from her brothers'!!

She is declining my requests for her to wash and bathe, so bribery is the order of the day. Last week I spent a fortune on some Lush products...lots of yummy soap and lotions in the hope that these will entice her without threat of death from me! Today she has bathed; gave in to my monumental nagging! lol Been using this one in the bath. Oooops!!
Also, the penny seems to have dropped/sensible head has morphed re the puddy's hard work and all that. So, she is ready to let go and we are down to two to keep. nagging from me!

This morning she squealed with delight, 'cos she found Drake & Josh on one the free tv channels.  She loved them as a littlie...think it was the pranks that the sister, Megan,  got up to that appealed to her sense of humour. 

Back hurts!! All that strimming of allotmet using heavy gadget makes for aches and pains. Anyway, back for more of the same today. Am determined to get it sorted..this football pitch sized plot that we have and that others are coveting.

Came back with more bounty:o)) Runner beans and beetroot, plus a dislodged cabbage.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Mad House

So, like a bloody fool...I said she could keep two. Two kittens only. NO MORE!!

Initially, I said one........................

"But that isn't fair!"
"Why not?"
"I told Meg that I'd have two of her's"
"So, have two of her's and be done with it"
"Not fair"
"Because then we'd have none of Olive's"
"I should think that Olive would be grateful" reply from moi. lol
"No, Mummy, that isn't fair. So, we have to have four.....then one to share.....!!"

Then, she conks out on me, asleep, before I can think of smart, expletive-free reply. Bugger!!

Sigh..... So, while Junior larges it on the sofa with cold facecloth on her headachey head, they are let out, downstairs, for Evening Exercise....aka romp downstairs (and upstairs, as it happens, due to open plan design of this little 2 up 2 down!!......

Fifteen minutes later, a couple are still racing around, namely Henry and one of Meg's. On the other hand, some are starting to calm down, even Tinks! No more climbing up curtains and hanging off expensive, designer voile nets! About 5 of them, would you believe, come to their senses:o)) I have the feeling that I am being "ganged up on" in the "Wanting attention" department. Blummin bullies!! Can't hear myself think due to all this purring!! Some sit and lie down near legs, some on knee, some on lap. One even cuddles up on my shoulder and licks my ear. Hmmmm......see... I tamed them!!!


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mousey has moved in!!

Am knackered!!

Cat brought in mouse (very much alive and dandy) into the house at 4am yesterday.  Mouse escaped Olive's clutches (easy when half her mouth is wired up due to the Molly attack) and now mouse is residing somewhere behind one of my Ikea bookcases.  The mogs staked it out for the rest of the night and half the morning. I, obviously, did not sleep very well.  Mother laughed her head off when I told her and said that half the books will be sawdust this time next week!!

Sooo, we were on a mission to find a humane mouse trap so we can let the little fella go.....away from here.  lol

We got some stuff back from the allotment...goodies we weren't expecting because of the monsoon type weather we have been experiencing of late and thought everything had been drowned out. Anyway, we found HUMUNGOUS courgettes....and some cabbages, shallots and sprouts..which Junior inadertendly picked well before their time. Never mind.
The smallest (lol) courgette went into a vegan spag bog...which was very yummy.

Came back to find the 'leftovers' of one mouse at our back door:o(

Today we are planning on hitting the new leisure centre. Junior is in to the dance mat classes they are holding through the summer hols.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Badly Behaved Kitties got my Knitting

I have just been berated by Junior for referring to one of the kittens as 'That Bloody Cat!'

TBC managed to get behind the washing machine!  No amount of 'chi chi'ing' tempted the animal out, so I left it to Junior to sort her out.  Animal in question was Tinks aka Nutty Cat.

Anyway, as you may have sussed out, now that Molly is a non-resident, the kitties are able to roam the house a little more freely.  So, I asks Junior if all the doors to rooms other than kitchen and lounge are closed?  I gets a shrug of the shoulders.  She is distracted... busy trying to pluck out a splinter from her finger, gained from extricating Tinks from her washing machine hell.  The kittens in question are Olive's.  Little (buggers)  extroverts:o)  Megan's lot are WELL behaved..... and sleep, eat, poo and play nicely:o))

The scene tonight is 5 kitties whizzing around.   Bart has taken an unhealthy interest in the loo!! Cilla is in the dog She choses when to go in and out as it's her space.   The kittens are a strange oddity to her!!!  One spit from them and she's off in the other direction!!!  

I am in the process of knitting a lovely flowerbud cardi for Junior.  It's a bit Fairisley and, frankly, is doing my head in.   I have to concentrate, which is not always possible with inquisitive kitties around and even harder with failing eyesight due to 'getting on a bit'.   Anyway, the little tinkers have discovered my wool and the little bit I have knitted.  Took me ages.......  Say no more.....sigh

Anyway...up to date piccies:o)
Ringo...the Whiner!!!!

Millie..cutie pie and well behaved

Chunky..lovely, quiet boy

Honey and Bart posing in front of the mirror

Bad Boy Henry..not so blummin regal nowadays!!

Bart.  He is, actually, really friendly and intelligent.

Henry, again

Tinks...she devil!!!

LooLoo xxx  Delicate little thing.

I am obviously leaving anything remotely home eddy to others. lol..... For another day:o) xxxx However, we are embarking on a project to build fitted wardrobes in Junior's bedroom. Lots of measuring, research, etc required. That should keep her busy for a while:o))...until Uncle S comes down and shows his little apprentice the art of bashing and drilling!!! lol

Stephen Stills

I'm trying to get a playlist on here again and am planning on regressing back to my youth and putting my fave tunes on from then!  lol

Does anyone have a link for Sugar Babe by Stephen Stills?  I do have it...err..but on LP.  It was an 'Our tune' years ago...with boyfriend who is now sadly deceased.  I suppose there must be some sort of software that allows you to copy off the LP, on to a disc, on to the computer...which is an iMac...and which will cost an absolute fortune.

I have googled Sugar Babe..just don't ask what came up!!  lol   

Junior is on with a bit of writing...predictably about the mogs.  She still thinks she's going to get me to agree to keep them all and is under the illusion that her pocket money will pay for all their dietary needs!  Bless.   She's not best pleased with the "on holiday from school and very loud  Kid from Hell next door', who water pistols the older cats when they sit on the shed or fence.  This activity, it seems, is with his parents' consent.  It seems he's tired of burdening their LOTS of caged up rabbits with the same fate!!  Anyway, if Junior could send a hex his way, she would!!  In fact, I bet she's already sent a whole barrage,  going on how his clothes don't seem to fit anymore!! 

New fence will be going up soon, too.  With added trellis....spikey, if possible!!  lol

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Thank God for Kids

So, I can just about see the keyboard to type!  In between blubs.  

Son No 1 and girlfriend helped a great deal.  Zooming 'up north' to cheer us up.  He even got one of his mates to come up to stay overnight, too.  Brave lad, 'cos Neil is allergic to cats!!    And they did cheer us up. xx   Son was going to spend the weekend at home sprucing up his car, valeting, etc.  Instead he used the money to get car breakdown membership, just in case:o))  I cooked his favourite meals ....and let him watch the blasted  FOOTBALL!!:o)  lol

Mother came up today, for dinner.  Son No 1 did all the transporting.  She was happy to be here, ate her nosh and didn't go down the "too many pets" lecture route.  She felt our pain I think.  The cats and Cilla congregated around her and one of the kittens even snuggled on her lap.  It was Ringo.  She had to rename him, of course!  A very original White Whiskers:o))

Anyway, tomorrow we are 'hitting' the allotment again to sort it out with our strimming monster. lol  Cilla will come with us and, no doubt, dig a few holes.  She's allowed:o))


Friday, 22 August 2008


Sad day today.

Molly dog has gone to her new home.  I, of course, have been blubbing for the past week at the prospect of her going, even though 'tis the right thing to do for all.  She has a lovely new, cat-free home.   My eyes are HUGE and blood shot.  Real sex goddess material.

Son no 1 is on his way up from down cheer his old mother up.

Son no 2 has invited us to a barbie tomorrow.

The cats are REALLY happy.

Cilla is a bit quiet and, I suspect, missing her partner in crime.  Lots of tlc being heaped on her.  She gets on with the mogs.

She'll be busy tomorrow, 'cos brother Bobby dog is due to arrive at 11pm.

I just want world peace for my pet companions.  

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Toilet Humour

We were shopping yesterday, trying to find a funky beaded curtain for our back door, which opens into the garden.  This is required to help deter pesky flies and the like from zooming round our home and causing havoc.  You can imagine, with three agile young mogs around, anything that moves, zooms, buzzes, etc is fair game and we often have them jumping around, trying the catch the pesky things.  The mogs will jump on anything to catch them, even on top of bookcases and the like, often scattering ornaments all over.   Very funny at times, but I just don't much care for having these creatures inside when they should be outside!!  I am meaning the flies.

Anyway, seems everyone else around here has the same idea, 'cos last week there were loads of these beaded curtains for sale in one of the local shops but they were all sold out.  So the hunt is still on.  Brother suggested making one of those mesh doors that some American people have.  Seems a good idea to me, so he can make me one, then!!  lol  

Junior spotted something that she wanted to buy.  A Groovy Chick alarm clock which has various alarm calls.  She got it, of course.  So, last night she was setting the thing up.  Put the alarm on to listen and then decided which tune she would like to be massaged with on leaving slumberland.    She sets it for 7.30am.  I suggest that this might be a tad early for her, seeing that it's the weekend.  "Nah, I'm always awake at the time anyway".  

Well, alarm goes off this  morning.....funky, disco-type tune blaring away.  Bet half the street could hear it...except Junior.  Eventually, it wakes her up and you can guess the rest.  Grumpy old thing:o))

And, talk of the devil...Mother rings me up to inform me that she has a problem.  I live the nearest to her.  All the other siblings have more sense and are hours away. 

"What's up?" I ask.  
"I can't go to the toilet" she tells me.  
"Can't you?" I ask...thinking the obvious and about to suggest prune juice... when she tells me that she has a wasps nest in her toilet!  By this she means the bathroom, not down the loo!

This is a new one on me.   Her bathroom is windowless  and so she has an extractor fan that comes on automatically when the light is switched on.  She needs the light on, can't manage in the dark.  Well, it seems that every time the extractor comes on, down come a number of angry wasps hell bent on revenge...and if you're sat on the loo then what a target!!!

Can you believe it?  Council won't come out until after the weekend to remove them from the vent.  I told them that Mother is nearly 80 years old and needs to go to the loo before Monday!!   And, if she has a heart attack due to being dive-bombed while doing what comes naturally then they're in for it!!   One of the old gents kindly came along to her aid and has sealed the vent off with plastic bin liners and packing tape, but not until he emptied a whole can of wasp killer up there first. 

Hope it lasts until Monday!

Thursday, 14 August 2008


Found this   

"They can be found in surprisingly wet habitats during the summer months"  Eeeek....that's my allotment!!  Have this vision of said protected species (well, just my luck.. they would be, wouldn't they!!) moving in on our plot, carrying suitcase and family following  behind!!   They best leave my brassicas alone!!!

Wonder if Paul McKenna is busy this week?   nervous lol    

Now, I must start getting a grip!!!  I'll ask some of the locals if they've seen any.....lately.

We have bats frequenting our site.  Loads.  Don't mind them.  Wish they'd slow down a bit, as they whizz around, catching the bugs.  And badgers...who carry out midnight raids on any sweetcorn cobs that careless allotmenteers have not fenced off;  that vision makes me smile:o)    Some local foxes have bagged a right of way through our plot, too.  Probably on the hunt for any stray site hens and ducks. 

I hate flying,  snakes,  people fiddling with my hair and my feet being touched.   Eeeew!!   I'd be crap on I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Keeping tabs on Mother!

Mother has been on her travels, again. This time a coach visit to York with some of her cronies from the previous housing complex. Gave her the mother to mother talk about not overdoing it but, you know how it one ear..out the other!! lol Off she went Monday afternoon to stay at her mate's as pick up is there...20 miles away from home and at 8am Tuesday. Anyway, she has taken heed of my 'advice' and is stopping over at her mate's when they return and coming back Wed morning, so she can pace herself. She rings and tells where she is..touching base sort of thing so we don't worry as to where she is. Bit of a role reversal from my younger, partying, dirty stop out days! lol

So, we have been baby sitting her cat...Jimmy. We go down and feed and sort out, etc and keep him company for a few hours. He's an old lad now and mostly sleeps and eats, but he still likes company. We had him chasing some wool for a while, then off he went for another snooze..on her bed, curled up on her nightie:o) Sweet or what? It's a bit of a hike there and back and takes up half a day of our time. You'd think that we'd be as fit as a butcher's dog, with all the walking. lol

She was enthralled with the Minster and spent most of the time there so didn't have time to bring anything back for us. She's a bit old-fashioned always likes to bring back a momento of her visits...usually posh local honey and biscuits! Anyhow, she's tuned in to Junior and has told her that she can have the money instead and go buy some clothes! Junior is well happy:o) We are on a mission at the moment..trying to find shoes that fit her. Problem being one foot is half a size bigger than the other. So, determined to get her out of flip flop type shoes, looks like we'll be heading off to Clarks for proper fitting and purchase of expensive footwear!!

It absolutely bogged it down yesterday with thunderstorms, etc, so no visit was made to allotment land. The grass is quite high on the path side and needs sorting. Trouble is, I've got it into my head that there is a snake or two in there..lurking. Namely, an adder. Stupid or what? I know there are grass snakes about, mainly by the compost bins but we are in walking countryside land and these animals like to sunbathe. Eeek! Anyway, Junior is banned from wearing flatties and flip flops there until the land is sorted. Wish I could get her to wear those Caterpillar type boots, but we can't find any to fit her 'cos of this half size issue. So, in the meantime, we are a sight to be seen! Long trousers, thick socks, sturdy shoes/wellies. Trousers tied around the ankle so no pesky creature can crawl up and into wellies and cause havoc! My feet are sweating just at the thought of this. Maybe foot odour would put Mr/Ms Snake off? Shall have to google and see.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Scrat and Strim

Well, today am feeling a little happier.  Turns out that I am not the only one who is being 'picked on' by the josbworths on the allotment.  It seems all the people I get on with are!!!  lol   Anyway, am not giving in 'cos I now have a weapon!!!  

Ta da!!!  Lovely beast that is a petrol strimmer....and safety goggles:o))  We start tomorrow and woe betide any jobsy who gets in my way!!!

I won't be dependent upon people lending me their equipment to strim down stubborn plants when they grow 3 feet behind my back and that my trusty mower can't manage to chop! Don't know what they put in the rain in Hill Billy Land but it doesn't half make the green stuff grow at a rate of knots.

While we were in 'parting with money' mood, Junior used some of hers to buy this for the pampered felines.

They are LOVING it:o)...which is good, 'cos that was the whole idea.

So, this evening I am going to sit and figure how to use my new toy to its best advantage.   Am tempted to ram it up someone's intefering hooter/s.   That's sorted out beasty's name....Rambo!    So,  assembling of the thing would be a good idea!  lol   I did buy some 2 stroke, too:o)  
Don't mind lending Rambo to the people who have helped me in the past, but it's a no to the Jobsys.
Steel-capped boots at the ready for tomorrow.  Wish I had some combat trousers:o)  Good old jeans will have to do, I suppose.   Sigh...

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Put offs and Piccy Blues

After all the recent palavars...wish it was!

Sorry about the gratuitous photos.  Taken today.  Nearly all blue themed.  lol

I'm always amazed when these flower, year in year out, 'cos I just leave them to it.

Just like the colours:o). They sit in a blue pot on my Dad's very old bench.
The bees like the lavender

Blue and blustery

One of Junior's Blueberry bushes, after being 'plucked'

The goodies:o)

Junior with her pickings:o)

Geranium. Was a birthday present from Son no 1's best mate.

Holiday by the seaside has been put off for a little while.  Too much stuff going off, like the allotment politics, family ill-health, etc. 
Plus, I've decided that one of the dogs, Molly, needs to be re-homed asap.  We're always on tenterhooks nowadays because she's unpredictable around the cats.... the older mogs were here first and are getting to an age where they should be inside when the weather's bad but they daren't come in for fear of the dog.   She went for Megan the other week so that's made the decision final for me.   I've been in touch with a behavioural specialist who thinks she can find the right home for her.... a no other pets...sort of home..which Moll will prefer.  Cilla, our other pooch, is fine around the mogs.  Happy-go-lucky, friendly type...but Molly just comes from a different dog planet.   I know it's the right thing to do, but still feel really sad and could boo hoo now at the thought of her going.

So this, and maybe all the red tape crap we've had to endure, has made me really tired and insomniac-like.   I'm looking forward to being able to sleep.  And...oh, for a stress-free life!!!   Hmmm, might need to move to another planet for that wish.

Honey..cuddled up with Junior

Talking about the felines.....kittens are now 7 and 5 weeks old respectively.  Older lot are in full party mode and the younger lot are just starting on that journey:o))  It's strangely relaxing watching their antics and how their personalities are developing.  The littlies can now get out of their box - aka Syd's penthouse suite - and are exploring.  Olive's going to see Mr/Ms Vet soon and Megan won't be that far behind!..and then we can let them have their freedom because, at the moment, they are house-bound...which they hate and don't understand why.

Popeye..spending quality time with the kids. He actually cleaned them!!

Today we're expecting visitors.  A house full.  So, Junior is going to try and help make the nosh.  No prizes for which course she wants to do!   Menu is veggie chicken chasseur with new potatoes, cordon bleau carrots and garlicky brocolli;  with a pear and chocolate tart for pud.  Everything is vegan apart from the quorn.   Haven't got round to making seitan yet, but will do soon, that I've tracked down a place that sells gluten flour..and they're not that far away!!   We're providing this feast (to bribe) in thanks as our visitors will, hopefully, help mow down the allotment. Amazing how quickly 'unwanted plants' grow. lol     Don't like to use the term weeds nowadays.   They're just plants in the wrong place.   The politics  'hoo har' on the allotment has made me quite I don't want to go anymore.  But, I'm not giving in to the twaddle.  When I go up shall put ear plugs in!!   Meanwhile, wish they made happy pills:o))  lol

The finished dinner. Presentation could be better. lol

A fave piccy of Junior, looking quite grown up all of a sudden, with one of her sidekicks:o)

Friday, 8 August 2008

Rant - Language, Timothy!!

Allotment politics have surfaced, again!!   You wouldn't believe what hassle a bunch of old blokes with nothing better to do than interfere on your patch can cause.   Bloody Chum Club.   Arghhhhhhh!!!   

Pillocks!!!  Really, they are.  Anyway, what goes around comes around..and all that.

Wish I had a big enough garden to grow my own in, instead of having to endure that lot.  Sigh.....

In the meantime, shall have to install a stress relieving boxing bag in the garden...just about got room for that.    

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Kitty Pics

Bart.  Looking remarkably clean for once.  Normally has half his dinner stuck around his hooter!!  Current favourite antic is to climb up your bare legs!!

Regal Henry, doing the crossing of paws thing.  He's a gentle little lad.  Likes looking out of the window.

Tinks aka Tinkerbelle.  Mad as a hatter.  Likes feet (ouch!)  Play partner of Bart.

Ringo..doing the cutie pose:o)  He's been Junior's favourite from the start.

LooLoo...takes a terrible photo. She's much fluffier in real life.  Likes swinging on the bars of the dog crate that they all sleep in at night.   Could fall asleep on a washing line!!

Kipping time:o) From top to bottom..Bart, Tinks and Regal Henry

4 out of 5 of Meg's lot. Just starting to take note of what's going on around them.

Honey. She's the one who sits and studies you...multi tasking..well, you can't go wrong cuddling a teddy bear, can you?


Been suffering with a bad back lately. It has more to do with lumpy Ikea mattress and wrought iron bed than jumping off any wardrobe! Has made me quite grumpy, especially with any hot weather. 'Tis hoped that I'm sorted enough for our jollies this week:o) The suitcase is of the trolley dolly style so I shouldn't have to lift much. Junior was packed...then spotted some clothes in her laundry basket that she HAS to take. So, been laundering big time.

This week entailed a bit of red tape crap which, hopefully, is now sorted. Also, seeing as I'm officially self employed, have been trying to get 'business' stuff sorted. Not enough hours in the day for that. Anyway, we ended up searching for materials and ideas. On our travels we were lucky enough to find this:o))

The lady who handed this in to sell was near to tears, apparently.   Poor Singer....victim of decluttering.  I wouldn't have let it go if it was me.  Now, there's a surprise!! 

We happened to pass an old-fashioned shop selling rolls of materials and sewing/upholstery basics..a sort of drapery/haberdashers ..which was fronted by a lovely, old bloke who couldn't help us enough. Proper old-fashioned good service. So, we trundled off home with this in the shopping trolley. Junior has been practising her straight lines and has altered some jeans which are now shorts. She tells me that she wants to make a patchwork cover, so we'll go back to that shop and buy some material (£1 a yard..can't go wrong!!) for her project. Good for her, I say. Plus, it's all eco electricity required...only a bit of maths and design. lol

Daughter also is one of those people who likes to swap the contents of her bedroom every couple of weeks!! She's at it now. She tells me that it's all in the pursuit of more space!! I have hinted that she might get on a little better if she went down the decluttering route...but she's determined to do it her way. She also wants to spruce up an old set of pine drawers that she's extremely fond of. I've suggested cream with a sanded down top, but she has decided she wants white with a sanded top to help with the illusion of space! Am quite proud of her colour choice. Beats pink, anyway!! Lots of elbow grease needed, but she's up for it. All we need is some of the dreaded hot weather!!
The before shot...will put a piccy up of the finished article.

Junior's stuff...mid swap about!  The nursing Mums having a change of scenery and breather:o))