Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rebel with a cause

We  have bumblebees in our garden.  They are nesting under one of the sheds.   And, we have tree bees, too.  Good job I let the garden go a bit.  Lots of wild flowers for them to seek out and munch, speak.
And...our nesting blackbirds have....produced.  This little lady came within 2 feet of me.  She is so lovely.
Olive posing, with Popeye in the background.....'let me at them thar birds!'   They swoop down and torment my felines.  Haha.
I knew the bumble bees'd come back.  And the frogs.  Yay!  They know a good gig!   Yay.   Pfffffffff   to the politically correct gardening neighbours!!!  I've got birds nesting, frogs, bees, etc.  You have ......?

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Brock the Badger

Ooooo!    Am outraged at the badger cull.  Protected, they are supposed to be.

We are a hypocritical species....and very arrogant!  Deserve all we get!

Dr Brian May..respect. xx