Friday, 31 October 2008


I have had enough of schoolboy-like bullying.
Old blokes who have nothing better to do than be petty,  interfere and criticise. 
They can go and pick on someone else.

They can have their allotment.  Give mine to their supposed 'mate' in waiting...but the soil is crap and full of pests and it's probably been hexed.

If I get like that at that age, then someone put me out of my misery!!..'cos there are better things in life to worry about.

I have seen the light!

I am going to do this instead:o)


Thursday, 30 October 2008

Deary Me

Am definitely awake!!!!


Just been on the receiving end of ear-piercing and prolonged scream....... worthy of some award.

Why the scream?

Horrid Henry, the juvenile delinquent kitten, was growling.  Asked Junior to investigate and, yes, you've guessed it......MOUSE!!!!!...albeit a very deceased one.  My eyesight being as it is at the mo, I thought it was one of the leaves that Meg is partial to bringing in and 'killing' off.  


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Some Things Make Sense Now

Managed to hobble down to Mother's today.  Have started with the frozen shoulder pain now and nearly didn't make it out of the bath.  It NOT nice!!!!   That is, the pain and the vision of being oiked out of the bath by the Ambulance Brigade!    So, after taking  Iboprofen and paracetamol it is sort of bearable...for now.  I'm absolutely determined not to go to the doc's with it, though.

So, settled down at Mother's, after she made me rub Vick onto the affected iffy joint area.  In my Mother's world, Vick sorts EVERYTHING out:o)  It is a saviour:o)   lol    Anyway, we gets nattering about things...mistakes,  regrets, the world in general and slavery, of all things!!  Today was one of those days when she let slip a bit more about her childhood.  She never talks to my siblings like this.  Maybe it's because she and I have this understanding.  Don't know.  Sometimes, I can see through her grumpiness and bitterness when my siblings just can't.    But, we hardly know anything of our family's past, etc, so I am the Information Gatherer and Recorder!!  

 I mentioned Junior's packed week of meets and parties and we got onto Halloween.  Mother does not believe, she says,  in 'all that nonsense'.  Never has, she says.  Thinks it's a load of commercial tosh.  There was nothing like that in 'her day', etc.   Certainly, as a kid I never knew anything about Halloween.  It was kept from us.  I even got married on Halloween...oblivious of what other people, not on my wedding guest list,  would be celebrating.

As a kid, she lived up in the Carpathian mountains in Eastern Europe, right on the border to 'another land'.   In the past she's told me tales of her days..playing with catfish in the local river; playing with semi-precious stones in same said river, being chased by a bear, nearly dying because she ate too many nuts one time and the local 'herbalist' saved her!!   How storks? used to nest on their roof. 

She obviously had chores in those days and one was to go and tend the 'animals'...namely one cow and a few hens.  Yes, my Granny was poor, bless her:o)  My Grandad, the toerag, left her for another woman..just because she had more cows!!    My Gran was very, very pretty but had such a hard life:o))  Mother is an only child.     

The one and only cow was kept a bit away from their home, on some grazing land.   She said she was quite scared at times, because the woods, coupled with the mountains,  had their own 'atmosphere'.  Houses (or more like little wooden cabins) were few and far between (no noise pollution, then!!).... and she was wary of being taken!!   Taken?  What did she mean by being taken?      Well, yes,  turns out there were child snatchers about, even in those nothing changes.  But, these people were not the norm.  Apparently, the children were snatched.  Vanished.  People couldn't figure it out.  Lost without a trace sort of thing.  

Turns out they were taken for their be drunk.  Eeeeew.   So I asks 'Like vampire stuff?'   I got the 'maybe' shrug then nothing else.  Enough said.  Too much information!!   The 'people' responsible were hiding behind another religion but were 'removed' from the area.  Local justice type of thing. 

So, things sort of make sense now.   It may seem a bit barmy to others, though.   Anyhow, when one of us lot moves, Mother is straight up with her bottle of holy water and proceeds to bless the house and garden..Usually without us knowing.  On the quiet sort of thing.  

She really loves us and protects us, in her own way:o))

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Phantom Prints

Been trying to finish off the bathroom...the one with new red and white theme:o)  

Junior, in her new role as Interior Designer,  is always keen to assist when it comes to painting and decorating and is busting a gut to get in there and slap more paint on!  The more the better...bit like a pizza!    Trouble is, most of it ends up anywhere but on the walls.  Sadly, I've been just as bad , as iffy joints just had to start and give me jip when I donned paint brush and attempted to climb decorating ladder.  It's a bit of a pain (sorry, no pun intended) painting with the 'wrong' hand and harder still when trying to paint nice, clean, level edges!  Sigh.   

Anyway,  my 'assistant' and I have got on ok with it.  I also seem to have a phantom assistant who is much into 'inspecting" the work by the looks of it.  Let's call it quality control.    No, 'tis not the ghost...  It's a four-legged assistant.   How do I know this....ahhh.... little red paw prints on the landing and stairs just give it away:o))  lol

Must try and suss out camera to get photos up.

Meanwhile, Junior has a Moodboard at the ready for the next decorating project.....MY bedroom.  She thinks purple and red would be cool!!  Hmmm.   I was thinking more along the lines of shabby chic type duck egg blue and cream   Maybe I need to point her in the direction of a colour wheel.  She won't listen, though, 'cos she's always right!!    Wonder where she gets that  from?  lol

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Not so Perfect Today

I have just been informed that I can expect visitors today.  Arghhh!   

Wanted to chill out a bit today because of this flu and rickety joint stuff.  Now I have to tidy up.   Tidying up makes me really grumpy.  Ironing even worse!!     Do you ever have that feeling of dread, knowing that there ain't enough hours in the day to accomplish these tasks satisfactorily?   I shall have to stop watching Wisteria Lane and that Bree woman!!  

Some people are just natural hosts and just so,so organised.  I'm not either, but still people want to come.  Someone once told me that my house is homely and welcoming!!!!  (I did nearly choke on my tea at the time!)    Can't think where they get that from.   lol    Is all the media's fault.  I'll blame them today.  lol  Perfect homes, nothing out of place is how it should be!!  I have been brainwashed!!!   Sigh.  mutter, mutter.  Where's me Shake n Vac?........

Friday, 24 October 2008

Apples, Ears and Holes:o)))

Junior is well into the swing of Halloween pre-partying!!  Unfortunately, I think she has got Halloween and Bonfire Night mixed up just a tad.  She has been making Halloween 'food'........toffee apples covered with hundreds and thousands, except instead of toffee it is Tesco's finest chocolate.....and the hundreds and thousands!!   They are hardening off in the fridge as we speak.  I suppose chocolate covered apples finished off with hundreds and thousands would score more points with Mother than, say, Dead Man's Fingers...or the famous Cat Litter Cake:o))  

I have bought an extra battery operated toothbrush AND extra floss..just in case!!

My flu pain is moving on.....into my ear.  Yes earache....a pain in the......ear!  Mother thinks it serves me right for not wearing my snoopy hat that makes me look stupid today when Junior and I walked the mile and a half down to her place...and back I will have you know.   We'll be as fit as butchers dogs in no time with this exercise regime.  Even Cilla dog is pooped with all this walking:o)

We can't find a catflap to replace the one that we had that the cats knackered, leaving us with a hole in the door where the catflap used to be.   Sigh....   So, we need to go further afield and find the nearest Pets at Home and get a replica tomorrow.  Why?  Because taping up the hole in the door with cardboard and ducktape is not working.  They get out!  My kittens are GOOD little escapees.  lol.  Well, come tomorrow night babies (when I have fitted new catflap that fits),  just you try getting out!!  lol

Meanwhile.....I have new battery operated toothbrush and dental floss at the ready.   Junior has just demolished the first apple.. covered with Tescos finest chocolate and hundreds and thousands'.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Did not sleep very well.  Cough, cough, cough, sore chest, etc:o( I am still really sad about my fave list being battered and abused.

But, things still need doing here and I need to go out and get supplies.  It's blowing a wet gale so I reckon we'll have to taxi it back as I think I'll keel over if we get the bus back with all the shopping.   Wish you could get your shopping delivered by the likes of Tesco and Asda and pay cash on delivery.  That would save me SO much hassle.  I also have to do my CME consultation response today.  I am hoping that brain will have cleared up by tonight.  I also have tons of photos to load up.  The memory card on my camera is full and I have to figure out how to upload.  Computer is not allowing it at the minute, which is stressing me out a tad.  I have an instruction manual, but it's in French.  Can't find the English version one anywhere.  It's probably been tidied away by Junior to a 'never to be found again' place.  This happens all the time here.  Sigh....

Junior, meanwhile, is driving me mad.  She's a 'furniture moverarounder".   I do not want this activity when I am feeling like death warmed up, so I had a bit of a tantrum this morning and told her to stop.  It used up all my remaining 'voice' so now I am using sign language!!   She just wants to help and I know I am being a crabby old cow.  So, I have promised her she can do this when I feel better and not when I am orbiting around the front room because of this lurgy.   I have to keep away from Mother, too.  Getting flu at her age is a no no.  

Junior is one for maximising space  (more room for all her rubbish...err.stuff.)  And....she has plans for redecorating.  I think I have me a budding interior designer here.  It's the Schooler creative streak!!    I did do this at night college and so have all the tools for drawing plans, etc.  I think I may let her have a go and see what she comes up with., but she is so impatient and wants it all done NOW!!   Sigh........       We are already on with painting the bathroom (4th time in 3 years).  This time we are veering away from aqua!, which will go well with white suite and pine bath cladding and door.  'Tis her choice and it does actually look quite nice...and warm....and clean:o))   Upstairs floorboards everywhere are to be painted chalky white for the shabby chic look, with rugs here and there.   Don't do carpets.  I have non stop hoovering here anyway, so don't want more....hoover will complain.  lol

Anyway, we are about to depart for supplies.  Wish me luck that we manage to get home before I keel over.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sad and Mad and Language, Timothy!

I'm really sad...and bloody mad!!

My favourite home ed list is closing down.  One of those REAL  lifeline/chill out/best place to hang out/share your troubles or happiness/talk about anything places.

It's become overpopulated with plonkers who just don't know when to stop whining and bloody moaning and the really nice list owner has had enough.  Been battered with all the bickering, nastiness, oneupmanship and playground stuff.   My ex..Man Of Few Words,  would call these 'people'  arseholes.  Hmm.  excellent description!!! 

Myself..I think it's been deliberately sabotaged.  One less 'competitor' to deal  with...sort of thing.   Shame on them!!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Words and Poo

I have two Sunday papers delivered.  The Times and the Mail.  Big workout for the paperboy, as these babies weigh a ton, what with all the supplements, etc!!  Takes him ages to post them all through the letterbox.  I am hoping that Junior will take more of an interest in these 'publications' than the red tops which seem to be her brothers' preference.  

We're starting a project on the history of fashion.  Makes sense, given the size of her bulging wardrobe, drawers, overflow wardrobe in spare room, etc.   It's safe to say that she has a healthy interest in this so we'll/should cover loads of subjects in all this:o)  Fashion supplements have their uses:o))...even if you can't afford anything in them.

I only get the Mail 'cos of the crossword.  Big prize if you win:o)  Older brother, who lives up north,  does all the filling in and I look up any answers he's stuck on on the good old internet.  If he wins we'll split the prize.  Yay!!!  Mind you, by the time/if we win then my share should just about cover the cost of calls to his mobile!  lol  Anyway, tonight he rings up and only needs help on five of the clues.  FIVE!!!   Yes.....he got more than his fair share of the family brains. 

Then, when paper has been read, it all gets torn up into little squares and used as cat litter:o)  The sports pages go in straight away as they don't interest us at all and the last ones in are usually the financial pullouts.    Wish I had the money to do something with the advice given.  lol

So, today, we've been holed up.  Too cold to go out when one feels yukky and fluey.  Junior has been deciding what to go as to a Halloween party she's been invited to.  It is mostly sorted...she likes to be prepared!!  She's also been looking at party food to take as our contribution.  Top of her list is a topical for us concoction named "Cat Litter Cake".   Throwing herself totally into party mode, she can't understand why I think it's a bad who would want to eat THAT?  It's presented in a cat litter tray (obviously new, unused, sterile, etc) and served with a poop scooper.  Classy, eh?  Lol

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ear Plugs Required

I keep wishing for a lie-in. 

I am not well, so I need one.  Bit poorly...old joints....flu symptoms have arrived now that it's Autumn..and now earache!!  I have been best friends with Ibuprofen lately.

Most parents with youngish kids and pets don't enjoy a full night's they?  We toss and turn because of over active brains that refuse to switch off and relax.  Then I need the loo....two times.   Then a couple of the mogs decide to yowl about something, etc.   So you are up and down, sorting stuff out.  I'm often driven to swear like a trooper at this time of night!!

So, I normally get off to The Land of Nod and stay there 'til about 4am.  No reason why I wake at this time.  Must be my natural wake up rehearsal alarm.  Actually, thinking about it, it's due to worry.  Have I locked the door (but it's too bloody cold to get out of bed and check?)  Did I turn the cooker off?  (ditto)   Did I let the dog back in or is she freezing outside, unable to get her tubby self into the house through the knackered-again hole in the door that used to be a cat flap? (ditto again, but at least she has a fur coat!!)    How am I going to pay for THAT bill?...etc.      Brain is then in orbit....whizzing about like an out of control Starship Enterprise, no Captain Kirk in sight and so not doing as its told and going to bed!!!   Eventually, after a cup of chamomile and honey, the loo, reading this month's knitting mags (sorry, that should be squinting at) I go to bo bo's:o)   

Then!!!...before you know it,  bloke across the road, with the "Ooooo, listen to my REALLY loud exhaust" revs up and goes to where ever.  This is around 5.30am.    Arghhhh!   Half the neighbours are awake by then.  They all seem to go to the loo in sequence...and flush in sequence!!!!!  Ah, the joy of thin walls:o)  No farting in private in Hill Billy Land.   I nod off again..eventually.   Bliss.   I am so tired...have weird dreams...some are nice  ..and try as I may, I can never remember them!!!   Arghhh!   Then.....

Bloody builders!!!!!  They are in attendance, across the road and seem to take great pleasure in doling out an 8am wake up call....with a VERY noisy and irritating circular saw, which seems to be on all the time to chop up the millions of patio bricks that they have had delivered.  Sigh........And Junior sleeps through all this..even when she sleep walks...but that's another story:o)

Don't worry.  I am plotting revenge:o)))   

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wish Lists

I am a mean mother!!!

Junior is planning ahead for Christmas:o))  I see that she is now into lists (long ones!).... the Tesco catalogue...AND the Argos one, too.  

Now, there are  various expensive items on her wish list (computer, plasma tv, Wii, cd's, etc  lol).  She also wants fitted bedroom furniture, so she can have a more streamlined room, more floor space, etc.  She's a 'bunger'...which means when she tidies up everything gets bunged away into any drawer, wardrobe, box, etc when there is no obvious place (in her eyes) for said items.   Sigh.... So, she wants a more organised bunging system...hence fitted furniture...more storage:o))  

Well, over the years she has figured out that some pressies/wrapping papers that end up under the tree on Christmas morning look mighty like some of the pressies/wrapping papers that we have had around in our house prior to Christmas.  (Bad Mummy for not hiding them away properly!!)  I got round this by telling her that I quite like buying gifts, too so some pressies under the tree are from me.   Oooooooo!!!  Eyes light up!!      So, she has obviously churned this over in her head and figured out a foolproof way of getting her heart's desire at Christmas.  I can buy her one part of wishlist and Santa can bring the other.  She is, after all, a really, really, really good girl:o)))  I muttered something along the lines of "won't a pen and a bag of nuts do?"   sigh.....Sooooooo

We sort of had a 'talk'.

Junior now knows who Santa REALLY is...and the fitted bedroom stuff might/probably will arrive in time for her birthday next year.  This is fine by J...'cos she has time to declutter and tidy up!!!

On hearing about this little 'talk'...Son No 1 is having none of it of course and tells her that Santa is alive and well and not to forget to leave out a mince pie and carrot.  Son No 1 likes tradition.  He tends to spoil his sis at this time of the year.  'Tis partly the kid in him and also generosity...his way!    Told Son No 1  he now has a choice and can pay for either List One or List Two:o)  Moneybags!!!  Lol 

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


We went to a new home ed meet.  Nice people and Junior was happy.  There were kids there of all ages..right from little toddlers upwards and they all got on so well and played together:o).....some random game at the end involving racquets, balls and running about...alot!!  Was so nice to see all those happy, smiley faces.

I've only been off-line for a short while but coming back there seems to be a lot going off re consultations and more stupid red tape, etc that will affect home edders and our rights..for the worse.  Sigh...Consultation someone put it...enough to constipate you!!   Don't think some of these people will be happy until kids are chipped at birth!!   The AhED and EO sites have details.  Carlotta's Dare to Know blog is excellent for keeping us informed, too.   If you are a home edder in this fair land then you will be affected in some way, so get your comments in asap!!

The kittens are now at the mischievous, juvenile age and into EVERYTHING!  Usually, three times a day, they race around like loonies, chasing one another:o)  Last 'runaround' is about 8.30 - 9.30 pm.  For little things, their galloping feet make a lot of racket...on floorboards.  lol

My joints feel better today, although I'm a bit whacked with the lack of sleep.  Nurofen has helped muchly:o)   Think the old diet is to blame for some of this and my reluctance to slow down in certain departments!!!  I do feel a little 'battle weary' with a lot of things in my life at the mo but when your health is affected it sort of kicks your arse into gear!!!   So,  I'm going to start juicing again.   Small steps and all that:o))  Will start the day with an apple, carrot, celery and ginger juice - it tastes better than it sounds..honest!!  It's just the palarvar of the cleanup, especially when Junior doesn't particularly care for this juice combo, so I'll have to do a fruit one for her.  It's all well eating's the affording it bit that's the problem when you're on a tight budget, so that's another project for Junior:o)).    Don't think I'm up to jogging yet.. with the old creaky joints being as they are, so..maybe Pilates might help?  I have a book...somewhere.  lol

Monday, 13 October 2008


Still mighty grumpy, due to this 'wandering' arthritis/ really sore bones/rheumatism that I have been suffering with lately... it's now in my hands...and it hurts!!  Can't bear to lift them up.  Times like this when I miss having a partner for the moral/emotional/physical support. 

I'm trying to keep it 'light' so have been sort of playing the comedian as I don't want to worry her unduly, seeing as I am the only parent.  Junior tittered when I was hopping about, trying to get dressed today which, by the time I could manage, was after lunch time.  Bath time was, err, interesting!!!  Lord knows how people who have to cope with this 24/7 manage?  I am really peed off with it!!  House is a tip as I can't manage to hold anything so housework is out (Junior does her bit and that's enough)  Central heating is on as it soothes the pain, just a little.  I've even raided Junior's Calpol stash now 'cos Ibuprofen doesn't help. lol  On the educational side... Junior learned how to put a wrist support bandage on:o))  With this 'wanderingitis' who knows what she'll be bandaging tomorrow?  lol

Joys of old age.   Grumpy old woman that I am!!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Cruelty to pans!!

Been busy lately.....doing this to my best pan!!!

I left it on the cooker ring for about half an hour (got way laid) and forgot all about it!! Heard a clinking ping and the lid was kaput!! At least it didn't set on fire.
Father and sons getting some zzzzzz in together:o))) Cats always find the warmest, sunniest our house that being my bedroom window sill.

Friday, 10 October 2008

On line

I've been internet-less for a bit and have missed LOADS!!!!  Have hated it, to be honest.  Felt very cut off:o(

Anyhow shall, no doubt, make up for it:o))  I seem to have thousands of emails to get through!!  Eeeeek!

Seem to have developed some form of arthritis/stiffness in joints, which Mother puts down to a combination of age,  our concrete floor and lack of heating...lack of heating due to lack of funds and all that.   'Tis no fun.   Something else to worry about.   Then there is all this credit crunch stuff.  Wonder if my pension will be ok?

Son no 1 is visiting this weekend:o))