Saturday, 25 August 2007


Well, we've had a horrible time lately. Feel like it's my fault...and it probably is.

Olive kitten is in the pet hospital. She was attacked, albeit very briefly, by Molly...the mother pooch. Don't know why she went for the cat but all I know is that Ollie is quite poorly with facial injuries. She's holding her own and stable. She's eating on her own and seems happy with herself, the vet nurse said. That's Ollie..always purring. She needs an xray and possibly an op to sort out her injuries..may need some teeth removing.. her jaw bone is bashed....and I feel SO BAD. No-stop crying. I don't know how Ollie got out. She's the daredevil of the three. Junior is devastated because Olive is such a loving little cat. She caresses your face with her paws when you pick her up and she always purrs...she is so soft and loving and the house is miserable without her here. Popeye and Megan definitely miss her. They're rather clngy at the mo. I can't thank Mandy enough for driving us there to the vets. I would NEVER have found my way there to the vets in time...different city/area xxxxxx It was rush hour traffic journey which normally takes 40 mins...and very hot

Local vets - big, posh state of the art animal hospital packed me off to a pet charity 'cos I couldn't pay up front. The front line staff, vets and nurses wouldn've helped, but it's the "management" who aren't so charitable...profits and all that. The vet gave her a painkilling jab and only charged for that and not the examination, which was nice, I suppose.

Molly, the pooch who attacked her was due to be put to sleep this morning because I was so outraged that she could do such a thing. I just don't know why she went off on one. But, I've decided to rehome her..but it hurts so much 'cos we've had her since she was 6 weeks old.

Son no 2 came here straight away with his girlfriend and stayed overnight and said he agreed that she should be rehomed in a Molly only home, not put down. She just doesn't like little animals. He's been a star, really. Took us shopping, bought us a meal to make us eat and bought Junior an outfit to cheer her up.

Son no 1 is coming up to take his dog, Bobby. His inlaws have relented and are giving living with Bob a trial. It's only until he gets his own place. I personally think they'll love him, 'cos he's a big old softie.

Popeye and Meg are being kept in their room until Moll's rehomed. Well she knows that she's done wrong. She just lies in a corner of the kitchen, won't move from there. The other dogs are ignoring her!! She just doesn't get on with smaller animals than her. I get that now. It's one of those things. But...the older cats were here before she, in pecking order.....and all that:O(((((, Can't risk it again.

Anyway, fingers crossed for Olive. xxxxx And Mollyxxxxx.


Ruth said...

Oh I am sorry ((hugs)). Our dog attacked one of our rabbits a couple of weeks ago completely out of the blue. Fortunately when I screamed "drop" she did and the rabbit was fine. I am just keeping them apart now. I hope Olive is better soon.

Minnie said...

Thanks Ruth. I'm doing the same, keeping canines and felines apart. Is doing my head in 'cos I'm being a bit paranoid now, until the dogs go to their new home!! I'm trying to be fair. The older cats were here before the pooches..they're 10 and getting to be old ladies. Will be funny not having a dog about. Mind you, Syd rabbit makes up for that:O)