Thursday, 9 August 2007

May the fizz be with us!!

Junior has got to the age where she sometimes has to be oiked to the bathtub under protest. (seem to remember something similar when I was that age.. lol) So, we're going to make bath bombs today..and other assorted personal hygiene goodies:O) We'll have a go at lip balms, body lotions and creams....all made from natural ingredients. Should be fun...don't know what state the kitchen will be in after we've done, 'cos you should see it when we've been baking!!! Still, it should be worth it, I hope....all in aid of smelling luvly and cheering her up after her stomach lurgy:O)


Dawniy said...

hey up petal , nice to bump into you in my comments on OLT :)
new babies I spy - how luvverly :) has your cat had them or have you adopted them?
Popeye looks just like our Isaac - hope for your sake he isn't too like him in nature lol
D xxx

Minnie said...

LOL!! I'd be suing the bluming vet if our cats had produced them!! They were a surprise pressie from my brother. He has a habit of bringing things here:O) They are just absolutely ace!! Lovely characters, all different...and into EVERYTHING:O)