Thursday, 30 August 2007


Junior made flapjacks today. She's off her food, so I'm trying to get her food mojo going again and I know she'll nibble on these throughout the day. She likes to tidy up, now and again...and picked on the kitchen today. Suffice it to say, I don't know where half the stuff is. This is the usual case when a tidy-up-spree has been in the offing..can't find anything:O) I've lost a cabbage!! Shall have to ask her in the morning where that went as she's asleep now!! Homemade coleslaw will have to wait until the am.

Our washing machine is leaking....the rubber seal is a little ripped, so I have to sit there with my foot on the door when it fills with water. So, if anyone asks me what I have been doing today, I have definitely been watching the washing get done, sat on cheap Ikea chair that has a seat which has snapped in half, resulting in my back end sinking deeper into the developing hole and looking somewhat in near the floor! lol And, to cap it all, the washing pole snapped, same day as Olive's attack. They say it comes in threes!! Sigh...

Anyway, for those who know me, I am the washing queen and machine problems are BAD NEWS!!!!!. Washing machine is on at least twice a day. Can't stand to see anything in the laundry basket. Bit of an obsession, I suppose. Plus, I like to change my bedding every day (sad, I think not!!) Most people think I'm a bit strange when I say I change bedding every day..but it's only like changing yer undies!.....wouldn't keep them on for two weeks, would you? Plus, pet hair gets into the strangest of places!!

So, have had to improvise with the "where shall I hang it to dry" scenario until I get aforementioned pole replaced. Lol. I would put piccies up, but that would be a tad embarassing. I'm not so hot on the ironing, though. Now, that IS a waste of time...but some people actually enjoy doing it. Very strange:O)))

Just some piccies Junior took today.

Megan posing on Junior's Bratz chair

Popeye got fed up of posing....little diva!!

The patient, taking it easy with favourite cuddly toy...would have to be a dog, too!!

Looking straight at you

Best of friends:O)

I know, my face is a mess!!

The tablet's kicked in, so I'm chillin out!!

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