Saturday, 18 August 2007

Digging for Australia

Bertie, the long-legged pup who I'm trying to find a loving home for, has taken to gardening - bg time. I think he may be in some strange way related to Syd...'cos he has a real love of digging holes! Same spot, same pots....sigh.... I'm having to watch him like a hawk, 'cos he's at it at any given opportunity!! little tinker. So is Syd. I've got it in stereo!!!

Like....butter wouldn't melt...please love me lots 'cos I'm good really:O)

Anyway, hopefully someone will want him for their own. Keep fingers crossed. Four dogs in the house is doing my head in. Strangely though, Molly - the psycho nutter dog - has taken a shine to him. She is his great gran, though....or maybe it's 'cos they look alike.

I'm having to pup-proof and kitten-proof exits to the outside world. Amazing what a can of no more nails and some tongue and groove can do!! Who needs drills!!

Today we are embarking on the humungous task of decluttering 'cos Mother is coming to stay until her bungalow comes through. Where to put the stuff? Arghhh!! She's stressed out and lonely where she is. Well, she won't be lonely with all this lot to keep her company:O) lol And she'll be too busy to be stressed...that's my department! 'cos she has a cat!! where do we put him???? Hope he gets on with my lot. He's a big, old fat thing who is molly coddled like nothing on this earth!

Big carboot coming on, I feel:O) Trouble with carboots is that I always end up buying stuff when I'm only supposed to be selling. Decluttering is the whole point of these carboots...a point which my brain has sort of not got to grips with. lol I go round near the end, when the boot sale is about to close and always end up with loads of "bargains". It's the magpie in me:O)

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