Monday, 13 August 2007

New Bike and .............Good Friends

Junior has a new bike!! A red one:O) A thoughtful gift from our mates M & T and gratefully received by Junior:O) One I could not afford to buy dd at the moment, so thanks, again. xx

She learned how to ride a bike on their HUGE back garden:O)....surrounded by happy kids. I think that's really sweet. Learning and enjoying with your best friends. I just looked out of the window one day, while we adults were chatting away...the kids were playing outside..different games....and there she was....cycling away!!! All of her own doing, in her own way and, more importantly, in her own time:O)

She's been practising around the garden at home. Our garden is way, way smaller than her training ground, so it's more of an obstacle course. Everything has been cleared and the pooches now know to keep out of the way of this mad, determined child!!!:O))))))

Suppose that means I'll have to get a bike, too.

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