Thursday, 23 August 2007


Did you not hear it? Blood curdling scream....blow yer eardrums type of thing? Well, be warned.....the daddy long legs are about!!! Craneflies, I think are what they are normally known the intelligent world!

Junior spotted one in the kitchen. Totally minding its own business....attracted by the eco-friendly light bulb in the kitchen, it went up there to say "hello". No amount of placating or reasoning went anywhere near Madam! Noo, noo!! So, it was down to Bobski....canine pain in the oojies (particularly today!!!) who came to the rescue. One fail swoop (actually, poor daddly L L dive-bombed at an ill-opportuned moment) and Bob got his late night snack!!) All is calm in the Min household now:O)

Anyway, Junior has found a new hobby/craft. Flower arranging.

We went to local supermarket just to purchase milk!! 30 quid later........we were laden with goodies:O) Including very nice half-price red wine..pressie for brother:O)

It seems that 8.30pm on a Thursday is the day to get yer bargains. Bananas at 7p for about 12 of them, green beans at 12p, organic apples at 23p for 6!! The list goes on. Needless to say, tomorrow we are going to be BUSY!!! What with baking and freezing and all that.

On the "let's try something unusual/exotic on the fruit and veg" front. We came away with a dudhi..which is a bit like a cross between a courgette and a mooli.

Anyway....flower arranging. We bought 4 bouquets of flowers (20p each). 2 of roses, 1 of carnations and the other of chrysanthemum types. Oh, and Junior spotted this absolutely wiped out pot of pot chrysanthemums and decided that she could revive it and bring it back to its former glory!! It was only 30p, so not a bad price to pay for an experiment. I think, personally, she may do it.

Poor little plant!!

Peach roses

Pretty flowers

One thing about shop bought flowers...they don't smell anywhere near as good as home picked. The ones we got today have hardly any scent.

Well, so what do yer do with 24 fingers of bananas? There's only so many smoothies a girl can take!!! And, banana cakes are Soooooooo rubbery when made by moi!! But, according to some vegan blogs I've visited, you can freeze them:O)

Ahem, on the HE front. We did things about the, volcanoes, the atmosphere. Then we moved on to multiplication tables. This started off from us threading some beads onto crochet silks, for a project we are about to embark on. If I'd sat her down and said "right, you will learn about your times tables now"..well. it would have gone in one ear and out the other. As it is, she did very well and knows more than you'd think. Then grammar, verbs, etc. And...flower arranging. Busy day.

Will retire. Meg kitten on my lap.. purring away:O) Relaxing creatures..these cats:O)

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