Monday, 20 August 2007

Age and Maths


I want to do declutter and craft and have a nice me stuff!!!...just for once. Don't feel well and my head is truly must be coming down with something:O(

Junior, however, has found her maths mojo and is enthusiastically intent on working out the age differences of just about everyone she's ever heard of or known! I should be happy...'cos she normally hates maths. I've not pushed her and she's slowly learning and gaining confidence at her own pace. So, she's pinned me down today with this age difference stuff and all the workings out. So, we went through all that. I think she's got it, though. It all started from her watching Smart on tv....she absolutely loves that programme. Who says kids tv is crap!! They mentioned David Hockney's year of birth and that started her off. We've gone through him, family, friends, name it. Now she wants to do a family tree:O) Should be interesting, seeing as most of my lot were popped off via WW2 and Stalin & Co and bio-dad wants nothing to do with his beautiful child. Time for a visit to my Mum...wonder how far back she can remember? Mum reckons that we are distantly related to a once famous Olympic gold medal winning gymnast from Romania!! rich, then:O(

Going on from all that, now she's asked who the oldest person on the planet is..and it feels like me at the moment!! lol. Internet search coming up for that one! I've mentioned that 100 year olds get a telegram from HM The Queen. Junior says she'll make sure that she has balloons at the ready for hers!!

I'm going to slope off for my long-awaited bath. I will, no doubt, get to hear her problem solving theories on a certain Wallace and Grommit game she's now playing on the X-Box.

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