Monday, 27 August 2007


Olive is still at the pet hospital. She had her jaw wired up this morning and they're going to try and get her to eat this afternoon. I'm busting a gut to give her a love and a cuddle. We're still all cut up about it, 'cos it was our dog that flipped. The dog's sort of nutty, loving, loyal, we've had her since 6 weeks of age AND she did give birth to her pups under my she's a bit different and the boys, especially, are really attached to her. Lots of tears, still...guilt and all that.

Haven't felt like blogging, 'cos it all feels like doom and gloom...that horrible empty feeling:O(

Molly and Cilla are, hopefully, going to live with Son no 2 for a while asap, providing his housemate agrees. Bobby, on the other hand, is now an Essex boy:O)) Son no 1 came up for him Sunday night and took him back first thing next morning.... with all his toys and balls. Bobby is a happy lad 'cos he absolutely idolises Son no 1..and vice versa. Once Son no 1 gets his own place he's going to take Molly, too.

Junior and I are going to do a great, big carboot. All proceeds to the animal hospital:O))

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