Monday, 6 August 2007

Fudge and Sick!!

Fudge has gone to a new home. Lovely place where she'll be with people all day and so not lonely. She was quiet as a mouse when she was here with me, but she yapped like billyo when the new owners clapped their eyes on her. She wasn't half complaining! We shed a few tears and sister boo hooed, but Fudge'll be loved lots and well spoiled. And some of the others have been rehomed, too... only one pup left now...a little boy who is so quiet and well mannered...looks like a little border collie.

Son no 1 took Junior out on Saturday on a shopping trip and spoiled her, as usual...took her to Pizza Hut, bought her a lovely, stripey hoody and some other girly bits. She was really chuffed. Yesterday morning he went back and left his sister a leaving present....the sickness lurgy that he was off work with!! I forgot that if one gets it, then the others usually follow on and get it, too. And, as with the joys of motherhood, I was woken up in the night to the sight and sound of puke!! Lovely!! So, Junior is quite fed up and in bed, trying to sleep it off and I'm washing all the affected bedding and clothes!! Well, I suppose Monday IS traditionally washday!!

The kittens are all near they're watching over her....guarding almost:O)

Hope I manage to stave this sickness weather's not helping, though! I hate hot weather, always have...but that's just's a grumpy old woman thing!! Autumn, with it's freshness, breezes and crispness, the lovely colours of the falling leaves, snuggly warm jumpers worn on long, season of the year:O)

Back to my mop and bucket!!

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