Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Chilled out Tonight!!!

I am here tonight!!!

Am doing my best to rid myself of deathwish thoughts directed towards Wheeling Dealing Poultry man. "Ommmmmmmm!!!" sort of thing..... So tonight we is watching Dodgeball...Junior's choice of IS hilariously funny. Also helps to have a BIG bar of chocolate and red wine to hand (fruit juice for Junior, I might add!!:O) We've also had an incredibly satisfying meal of veggie lasagne, kapusta (sauerkraut - homemade version - yum) and skinny chips...and we shared our last homegrown tomatoe:O)

On the crafting front...I'm trying to make a shoulder bag out of a t-shirt that is too small for Junior but too nice to charity shop or bin. I've seen this sort of thing in TK Maxx before...and their version cost a fortune!! Just got to find a zip.. I've got one SOMEWHERE in my stashes!!!

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