Sunday, 12 August 2007

Snail Central

Third post today. Shall belt up after this one:O)

Cleaned out the garden and moved Syd to another part, so he has a change of view:O)...but he's still as grumpy as ever!! Probably needing bunny company.

Anyway, we must be Snail Central, judging by the amount I found today (all unceremoniously chucked over the fence to no man's land, I might ad;O)

We spruced up Syd's new corner and found a toad hiding in a holey brick. So, we brough him out for a look, gave him a dip in the bird bath and put him back. Earlier on in the day, while tidying around the shed (yuk!) I finds a couple of frogs, too:O) Didn't have the foresight to take a pic of those, though. So, our small as it may be is doing its bit for the local wildlife. Shame they can't gorge out a bit more on the slugs and snails:O(

Our Toad

Look, he's smiling!!!

Going to have a rest we're ready for the Perseids meteor shower tonight:O) Deckchairs at the ready:O)

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