Sunday, 12 August 2007

How did we do that?

The weirdest thing happened tonight.

I was in the kitchen sat at the table while Junior was outside playing some game with the pooches. Now, we have actually moved SpongeBob (the fish has been renamed!) into his sparkly and clean tank:O) He has found his appetite and is very active, now that he has enough room to swing a catfish. Anyway, I was thinking to myself, I wonder if Junior fed the fish when I asked her to earlier on in the afternoon. This is all in my words were spoken out aloud, just my own private thoughts. Well, next thing I know, Junior comes in and asks me what I had just said. I ask what does she mean?... she thought she had heard me ask "had she fed the fish"!! Oooooooo..wierd...goosebumps, etc. I said I hadn't said anything out aloud but that's what I was thinking. Junior smiles and says that if we can be telepathic, just think what fun we can have winding up son one and son two!!! Atta girl!!

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Raquel said...

this happens between me and my children alot! If only I could harness it and make it happen when I wanted it to! I could save a fortune on the mobile phone bill! lol