Thursday, 2 August 2007


Have been ironing today. Mainly some of Junior's stuff (little vest tops, etc). How anyone finds this activity in anyway relaxing or essentiall MUST BE NUTS!!!!!'s like watching paint dry...worse than cricket...arghhhhh. Sooooooo, I managed half an hour and THAT's IT for another 2 years!!! Yes...Kim and Aggie and especially Anthea T would have been mortified at the amount of dust on the old steamer. My mum nearly fainted when I told her what I was doing when she rang up for a natter. "Ach, shtick it under de mattress (the ironing, not the iron) von vill no" Crap interpretation of a Uki accent!! lol

I've done the where to put the stuff?

So, me and Junior watched Spendaholics. There ARE actually people in this land who have more shoes and unworn clothes than me!! yipeeee!! And....more dogs. This woman had loads!! Over 10 and she looked glamorous and the house looked nice. HOW DO THEY DO THAT? sniff!!!!!

So, to bed. Bet I don't dream about cobwebs and fabric conditioner:O)

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