Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Odd Pillowcase Apron and Shirt Bag

How come when I sit down to my iMac the kittens always jump up on my knee for a cuddle and then, purring happily away, fall asleep on me? One kitten is not so bad, but balancing three sleeping kittens on your knees while typing away is a bit of a workout:O)

Anyway, we soldier on.......

We are resting from decluttering today. Well, sort of.

You hear of people having odd things around the house. Well, some have odd in Junior..and Son no 2 ends up with odd boxers (I buy them for him in pairs but one pair always goes awol.) Son no 1 it's trainers - he's always losing a trainer. With me, well I have loads and loads of odd earrings AND pillowcases! Don't know why this just is. Pillowcases can't dissapear via the washing machine so it's anyone's guess as to where they are. So, as my laundry drawers are bulging with these singletons I thought I would try and get creative and decided to make an apron, as I mentioned a few days ago. The earrings I just wear odd pairs when I'm in the mood. Waste not, want not and all that:O)

Apron transfiguring. Well, there's me thinking that this'll be a doddle..An hour tops and I'll be done. Hmmm. As soon as the trusty old sewing maching saw the light of day, then Junior decided she wanted to sew something, too. And it's not just anything. Nooo, noooo....she wants a velvet beaded bag!! So, she chooses her material (an old velvet of those that was fashionable a few years ago...the big, baggy types which covered the over-inflated stomachs of tubbies like moi and later on ended up in charity shops!! Well, velvet bag sounds a lovely idea..not something that you'd expect for a nine year old's first attempt at sewing, but she's ever the optimist. Well, just remind me to get some sewing scissors on Monday!! I'd forgotten how blunt mine are (suppose it would help if I didn't use them for the odd kitchen job and lopping hair, etc.) So, top tip......use sharp scissors when cutting out material...otherwise you may get a little narked using teeny, weeny nail scissors like I did:O)

We finally finished (blumming hours later) but me thinks the results are ok for her first attempt (with a little help from mother here).

The wavy initial is cool, me thinks!! She's making a purse today!!

And the apron......well, at least I know I won't do that pattern again. Talk about patchworking!!! And it's too pink for me so next week I'm on the hunt for bright, funky, odd charity shops of course:O)

Sorry if you get a pain in the neck..don't know how to put the piccy up the right close up is blurred. Must remember to read the camera instructions!!!

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