Monday, 13 August 2007

Meteor Snooze

Waited up for the anticipated Perseids..put wolly jumper on..tea at the ready, seating prepared in the back garden.:O) Outside we are (me and poochies) and looks and waits...looks and waits....come to Mama sort of thing, etc.... Didn't see anything, apart from normal stars and lots of blinking amber and white lights. The regional airport was having a busy night, which does not help at all when you're trying to spot shooting stars!!!

So, after an hour of blinking airplanes and not much else I got bored.......twinkly stars and blinking airplanes have a sort of eye-boggling hypnotic effect and I fell asleep on the sun lounger:O) There am I, laid back with mouth most probably open, catching moths!! So, I missed anything that may have remotely been a shooting star. Bugger!! Story of my life. Anyway, what worries me most in the embarassment dept is that when I'm on form it has been known that I can snore with the best of 'em. We're talking pneumatic drills here!! If the neighbours mention anything about strange noises eminating from the back garden, I'll blame it on the dog!

So now.... a nice warm bath awaits to sort out my stiff neck!!! I'll leave the stars and stuff to Sir Patrick Moore and Brian May:O)

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