Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Sis in Need

Drove up north today.. in Scooby:O). What a vehicle!!:O))))) Sis rang up this morning, stressed out and in tears. I have another dog to rehome...I have a home for him, I think:O We've nicknamed him Bertie. We got back late on.

Anyway, he's a lovely little thing. She's stressed out because of other things and also because of her neighbours...which I think is sad. Trying to keep the dogs quiet all the time just ain't the dog way. They have to have a yap or two and to chill out and play. Wish I could get a bucket load of money from somewhere and buy her a nice big house with lots of land, away from everyone so they can just be happy for once. Hate all this rehoming with tearsL:O(

Well, we have been away all day. Fussed the poochies and fed them and gave them leftover pizza (bad mother moi). But, the kittens have been kipping all day, it seems. Well, picture the scene......we are knackered and want our zzzzzzz's..but they are having A BALL at this moment in time.....10.36pm. (actually, they are playing with my bedrooms roman blinds) Arghhhhhhh!!!! We may be late for home ed group tomorrow!!!!

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