Tuesday, 28 August 2007

High as a Kite Olive

Went to my Mum's today and had a nice time. Little brother (lol) visited too with his kids. Mother was well happy.

Anyway, I was told by the vets to ring after 3.30pm to see how Olive is doing. I did this at Mum's (expecting to be told she was/wasn't doing ok and to ring back again tomorrow, as per usual routine) Anyway, surprise, surprise, I was told that she was ready to come home!! Wow! I didn't expect this so soon, but they need the "beds". She has to go back tomorrow for a post op check. She isn't out of the woods yet, 'cos infection is a big worry with injuries such as hers, so we are being really scrupulous with hygiene (sanitised cat litter, mega clean food dishes, wash hands ALL the time,etc.) She's in my bedroom for the time being. Anyway, she's presently high as a kite on kitty morphine and you'd never know what she'd been through, if it wasn't for her kitty bloodied, black-eyed face. She is as playful and loving as ever....currently climbing up my skirt!!!!

Good to have her home:O)

But I'm still pooing my pants at the thought of losing her. Long time since an animal affected me like this. She's almost human.

Molly dog is in the dog crate at the moment. She seems to be enjoying it....all her own space.

Just thought I'd let anyone who may be wondering know what's what:O)

Some piccies tonight:O) Sorry for the swollen, red and blotchy mug......that's what bawling your eyes out does to one:O((

Conventional vet bill would have been £380+ so I have some major "crafting to raise funds" to do. I don't mind. Wish I could give the pet hospital a million quid. Wonder how many animal blankets I'd have to crochet to raise that sort of dosh?

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