Sunday, 12 August 2007

Singing Hoover

I'm knackered!!! The kittens are tiring me out with their nocturnal partying. Got to change their sleeping pattern 'cos I'm slowly morphing into a grumpy old today they get NO naps and hopefully the little tinkers will sleep through.

Today, Junior is not so autonomously tidying up her bedroom!!! Mmmm...does that make sense? Probably not, unless You're me. I have got to the stage where I can not longer stand tripping over her clutter and mess and so on. Is driving me mad. I always get the "I'll do it in a bit" I gave her the sergant major bit!! Maybe 38 year old niece has cast some spell on us to get our arses into gear and TIDY UP...hoping that the minimalist side of me will emerge before I get to her nursing home (ha...nope!!) Anyway, it's coming on swell and order should remain for, err.....oooo......about three days:O)

Our temperamental hoover has decided to take up singing in a high pitched volume..which is a tad annoying..hoovering with a shreeching EEeeeeeeeeeeee sound makes yer ears pop after a while. Sounds like something's stuck in the tube but it's not giving itself up to me, such is my torment:O( The dogs disappeared to the bottom end of the garden and Syd went in. On the upside, I suppose it'll make me hoover a little quicker. Think of all those disappearing calories:O))

I wandered on to Q's site (Sew Q) via the Islamic Home Schooling Diary blog (someone, PLEASE tell me how to put a link in the body of a post like this!) and spied all the sewing projects and stuff. So, now that I have a clean and remarkably spacious kitchen, I've resurrected my old friend, the sewing machine and am going to get creative. Actually, I'm going to try and make an apron. I know..... been watching too much of Stepford Wives!!

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