Friday, 3 August 2007


Son no 1 and girlfriend are visiting...they live a good 2 hours away. He's not been well these last few days and has been off work. He was on our doorstep at 12.30 this afternoon, bless him.. What is it about needing to be near your mum when you're feeling a bit poorly? Anyway, he's been fed, watered and pampered a bit and so has perked up:O) Junior is happy they're here. She wants us to build on extra bedrooms, so all our family can live together...pets included! Can you imagine it? We'd need at least ten bedrooms. Junior, of course, thinks it's a great idea!! Hmmmmmmm.


Gill said...

Ooh I'm with Junior - working towards that for our lot!
Hope your son feels better soon. Nice that he still wants his mum when he's ill!

Minnie said...

Yes, it's nice when they touch base. He doesn't drink enough water, so I sent him off with some bottled stuff and his favourite pasta dish.

And the family mansion...mmmm, would be great if we had the space and land. When our family's together we have a real hoot!!