Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Family Soap

Been making soap today. The house smells divine, because of the essential oils I put in. Geranium & Vanilla and Ylang Ylang & Cammomile tea leaves. It's such an addictive craft...it's a shame that you have to wait at least 4 weeks for it to "cure" before you can use it. Next ones I want to make are Vanilla & Lavender and Goats Milk & Honey....plus a super shampoo bar!! If I get any good at this then everyone will know what they're getting for Christmas!!! Think I must have made a year's worth today!!

Junior has been sleeping most of the day. Not eaten much...this bug has wiped her out. I hate it when the kids are ill...or upset.....as Son no 1 was tonight....big bust up with girlfriend. He wanted to come home but was too tired from working..he starts really early and the after effects of this bug are tiring him out aswell. He set off to come home but had to pull over because he was so wiped out. It's horrible when they're so far away and sobbing their hearts out on the other end of the phone. Don't think I'll be sleeping much tonight, either.

Even Syd's not well. He looks positively down. Off his food, too, poor little mite.

Seems like Junior's wish for us all to live together in one house may come true, after all:O)


Qalballah said...

How do you make soap then? Or is it a secret? Do you sell it?

Minnie said...

You need to get your soap certified before you can sell it, apparently. I don't sell it 'cos I'm not experienced enough.

Soap is basically fats, oils, distilled water, caustic soda (drain cleaner from B & Q) and any essential oils and colours, etc you want to put in. You can make it with Pura, Olive Oil..all sorts of stuff. There's a yahoo group (uksoaping) and they have tons of stuff on there..links, recipes. The gals and lads on there know their stuff. Have a go at making bath melts (the recipe is on uksoapmaking...) they're divine. I spotted a site the other day called teachsoap.com with loads of stuff on.

If you have a go, don't have you kids anywhere near 'cos the caustic soda mix can really burn. And you have to keep it away from them and animals until it's cured. I reckon you'd be good at this:O)