Friday, 10 August 2007

Minimalist and Clutter Nut

Got visitors coming today. My niece S, hubby J and her lot. I can remember when I pushed her up and down hill and dale when she was a baby..I'd be twelve then:O) Won't be long before she's returning the favour when I get my oap wheels. I've told her I'm going to be an eccentric nice old lady! lol She works in a care home and loves it, so by the time she gets to me she'll be well experienced. Lol. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I have a 38 year old niece.....where does the time go? Blimey...I feel OLD:O) There's loads more I have on my To Do list before I peg it.

Us lot squeezing into frame

The girls played around with the special effects on the iMac..this is one of my favourite sun ray shots. I am actually a great aunt - that's my great niece smiling there next to Junior, who thinks she's the bees knees:O) It's nice when they get on.

Niece is an unsentimental minimalist and chucks stuff out on a regular basis. Where she gets this particular gene from is anyone's guess, 'cos she didn't get it from her elderly aunt's side. lol

I was trying to put my library in order here. Took forever - I started just after Christmas!!! Pictured there is about a third of the books I own. lol I used to live in a place that was inundated with charity shops - hence all my bargain books:O)

I've squeezed them into these:O)....sort of!! Obligatory can of Pledge on the top there!!

Spent ages this morning just watching the kittens race around the bedrooms and landing. Olive is into divebombing any piles of papers or printouts I may have stacked up neatly. Great game for her, the little tinker:O) They've been evicted from their bedroom into another and are currently sulking:O(

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