Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Cut and Curing

Piccies of my soap!! I'm not too hot on cutting and presentation, as you can see. I now have to wait for at least a month for it to cure and can't wait. The pumpkin soup coloured soap is the Geranium & Vanilla and the other is the Ylang Ylang and Cammomile tea one. When you're stirring the concoctions they do just look like food, honestly. Had to lock the pooches away while I made it, for fear of them licking any drops.

Junior is feeling a little better. We've had a slow day, for obvious reasons. She did, however, manage to take some funny pics of the kittens.

This is Megan. She kept that position for ages, purring away happily. Quirky cat.

Popeye's grumpy look. His expressions make me crease up sometimes.

Son no 1 is tired!! Spoke to him today and he is just not himself at all. The happy-go-lucky cheeky so and so is not there. He's admitted that he's henpecked, has no friends down there and that is just not so him. So, I want him to come back home. He's worried about his job and money. Plenty more of that here, I say!!

I'd be a terrible mother in law, wouldn't I?


Jane Weston said...

I like the look of the soap...very "Lush" I made soap once in high school...but it wasn't very nice :o)
Hope things work out for your son.

Minnie said...

Thanks. I hope he gets back to his normal happy self asap:O)

I have my fingers crossed about the soap. It's really addictive making it, once you gather all the stuff you need, including the utensils. I want to make some bath melts soon and Junior wants me to make some honey soap, just like Lush's, which she adores. It'll save me a small fortune...if I can just get it right!! lol

I shall have to post up some of my craft stuff soon. The pets seem to be taking over of late:O)