Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Out and About and Down

Well, we've been out today. Took Olive to the vets for her checkup. Had to drive 20 miles and then through a city centre previously unknown to moi on the driving front, so pretty hairy!! And, there seem to be roadworks EVERYWHERE. Inner city ring road being rebuilt, type of thing.

Although they're pleased with her, mainly because she seems so happy in herself, the vets say she's still not guaranteed to survive. This is such a difficult thing to come to terms with and so, I suppose, that's why we've been a bit down. She had a anti-bio/painkilling/penicillin jab today and from tomorrow I have to give her tablets. I'm not relishing doing this, bearing in mind that her jaw is wired up!! Anyway, disguise it in some of her favourite food is the advice the mo all she is allowed to eat is mushed up kitten food. Anyway, I'll do my best. Last night, after playing like a loony, she purred constantly and curled up by me or Junior..or lay on my front with paws outstretched on my face...very touching...'scuse the pun!! Popeye and Megan are in Junior's bedroom. Have to keep them apart incase they play a little too rough.

Maybe I'm down because my little family is being split up. If I could magic anything up for this world, it would be for everything and everyone to get on:O)

Anyway, Olive has been "out of it" today because of the jab and, I suppose, her body is telling her to rest. Yesterday she was so hyper, today she is the opposite. I am worried.

So, what to do? watch tv, cheer up. Tittybang Bang is on. The actors on there are a bunch of nutters!!

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