Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I swore, VERY LOUDLY today!!!

I'm sorry. Need a moan.

I am peed off with allotment politics and allotmenteers who need to get a life!!!!

Most allotmenteers on our site work and go up when they can. The others spend their waking hours up there and don't understand why everyone else doesn't do the same..or put weedkiller on at the drop of a hat, etc.

With all that's gone off in our house/lives of late, many things have had to go on the back boiler..one of these being the allotment. With our monsoon-like weather of late, there hasn't been much one could do anyway; we harvested what we could and left the rest - namely onions, carrots, beetroot, etc -for until the weather dries out.

So, now that things are sort of settling and my orbiting head is down to a more steadier hover, Junior and I ventured down today to deposit a carpet on our large plot to cover up some of the weeds and to tidy up the little plot that this year's veg is on..and harvest some of the onions/red onions/shallots/garlic/carrots/beetroot/spuds/spinach/kale/peas....you name it, we planted it nicely. This half plot was loaned to us by Wheeling Dealing Poultry Man until our larger plot is under control, weed-wise. He said he had rented too many plots and this one was surplus to his requirements and we could have it for this year....so we planted away. Imagine how peed off I was when we went to the plot only to find that the veg had been dug up and dumped in a pile, for no apparent reason!! He knew my mum has been ill, etc so I couldn't go there everyday. And, being a single mum, that we sort of needed the produce. He's just dug up our veg to be mean.

Well...what a gent. I hope his balls drop off!!

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