Friday, 2 May 2008

Dodgy politics and come-uppances

Well, I'm on a rant, sorry.

I'm on about the tosh that the ptb are trolling re forcing single parents back to work, leaving vulnerable kids (and the elderly) to fend for themselves.  Arghhh.  The ptb have s**t for brains.

I home ed Junior and look after an elderly parent. We also have a really, really snotty council and get loads of aggro re housing ben and ct ben.  They think nothing of sending heavies to the door.    Can't claim anything for Mother to make her life easier because she virtually has to be dying for us to get anything.  She is still quite ill, though but that doesn't count.  Some thanks, then, for all she contributed in WW2 time to help ensure our freedoms remain.

Make no wonder people chuck themselves off bridges.  Bloody politicians.

Spent this morning listening to the local radio about the council election results.  OK.  Labour lost.   Serves then right.  They ought to have listened to the people.  They've stopped listening/have selective hearing.  Wonder if any of these ex councillors are single parents?

Hate, hate politics.  Think it's now taken over from football.  Yuk!!


On the home front....:o)))

Came back from Mother's and Junior and I had a 'clean up the garden" splurge.  Foghorn kid  from next door was out, so it was virtually impossible to hear yourself think..  But, anyway, we managed to clean it up a bit.  J is into scrubbing the paving slabs clean...with a yard brush I might add.    Strange, I know.   Shall have to borrow a power washer for that.    Anyway, come 9.30pm I'd had enough and called time on the proceedings.  All I can say is that there is a lot of outdoor and indoor tidying up to do tomorrow!!  Just look at the state of the kitchen floor!!!

Nice clean floor!!!!

About this weekend....'tis Junior's birthday.  She has a pile of pressies waiting to be opened and, most importantly to her, a pile of money to spend..some on retail therapy, the rest to save..hopefully:o)  First on the hit list is coconut oil spray from Bodyshop.  Then Lush...for honey soap.  After that...who knows!!  Have to bedeck the house in all things birthday and balloon while she is in the land of nod:o))  We have lots of family arriving over the weekend, just for her, which is nice as they will have travelled some distance.

And, talking of land of are my 'new' slippers.  Forgot I had them.  Was looking in my stash of trendy wedges/shoes that I'll never wear due to knackered feet and the like and found them.  I must have put them there for 'a rainy day':o)))  Or, maybe I put them in the 'right place' and just forgot it existed!!  lol   Furry kitten heels just don't hit the spot nowadays.  Comfort is all!!!!!  lol

Nice n comfy with flanalette pj's.  Lol

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ruth said...

Happy birthday Jr!