Saturday, 31 May 2008


Despite my best efforts,  I live in a house of ill repute!!

It's a feline one, though.  

Olive looks like a tri-coloured malteser.  Stays around the house more.  Still growls like a dog when strangers come near, though.   Reckon she's due soon.  Put it this way...she can't see her feet!   Mother thinks four...I don't care as long as they are ALL ok. 

Today we (ok, mainly Junior) have been propagating lavender cuttings...about 300 of them.  Wonder if that'll be enough for the borders on the allotment?  Want my plot to look and smell nice.  Some of the other allotmenteers have taken delivery of humungous piles of cow and horse poo.  I know they say it's all good stuff, but not for me.  I have enough crap in  my life.

Our garden still seems to be Snail Central.  The little tinkers get everywhere!   They've been re-homed onto some common land, which is the kinder option, before they find my courgette plantlings.  How people can eat these creatures is beyond me.  Uuugh!  My great niece has an African land snail called Lee.  It's a sweet thing, apparently:o)

We sat outside this morning, seeing as we had lovely  weather.  Even put a tablecloth of sorts on the patio table, garden parasol up..and we ate pancakes in the sunshine.  Very nice.  Not quite Cath Kidston though.    Had the token pile of reading matter..namely tv guide, BBC science mag and my Stitch.  In the BBC mag, there's an article on skyscrapers and how fashionably tall they're getting...latest one a MILE HIGH!!   Eeeek!  Not for me, matey.  Apparently, it will take four months just to clean the windows!  Typically, Junior... being more the creative type, was interested in the Stitch mag..and wants to embark on a project..a beaded diva brooch.  We have the beads, wonder if she has the staying power? 

Seeing as iMac is playing up and we can't watch iPlayer (it won't load the programme we want to watch)  we've resorted to viewing our not so up to date DVD collection.  So tonight we are watching 'Christmas with the Kranks'...Junior's choice!  I love the botox and sunbed scenes.  Very funny.  Anyway...  Joy to all:o))


Shirl said...

Good luck with Olive's kittens. Our dog is going through a phantom pregnancy at the moment and very into howling!!

Not sure if giant snails are for me, but they definately do look cool lol.

Lucky you with the weather. We're having some very dismal weather here in Southend, just hope the sun comes out soon ... :0(

Minnie said...

Hi Shirl...rain has appeared here, too...and more snails!

Olive and her kittens will definitely be a bit of a challenge...seeing as she can open every door in the house and thus escape into the outside world. Maybe her maternal instincts will kick in when they eventually appear and she'll want to stay with them. Anyway, big fat door lock is being fitted this week:o)) lol