Friday, 16 May 2008

Petrol and Nearly Mowed Down!

Yesterday we walked 2 miles to the nearest village around here with a petrol station.  We needed petrol for the mower so I can cut the jungle down on the allotment.  Walks 2 miles back, with can.  Quite heavy.    Anyway, to get back we have to negotiate a local trail...and cut across a field occupied by horses.  Now, I am not a horsey type of person.  Never had one as a not big enough.  lol   Anyway, this lovely but altogether frighteningly HUGE horse spots us and comes wandering over before we had chance to get a leg over the stile to t'uther end of the field.  We pet and talks to the thing, explained we had no food, but it would not budge!!  Arghhh...No way was I going to cross that field with Shergar nibbling at us.  Eventually, though, the animal realised we were not laden with consumable goodies, so off it went.  Junior and I hotfoots it across the field, back to the trail path.  Call me a wuss, I don't care!!

So, we eventually puts petrol in mower.  Starts it up and yay!!   it works:o)   Pushes the thing up to the allotment with visions of, after a few hours of toil, a nice tidy plot. went on strike.  blummin big I spent the next hour dead heading dandelions so they don't set seed on anyone else's plot, thus removing any potential blame from coming my way.  

Tomorrow, shall try and start mower up.  If it's still playing up expect to hear loud shrieking!!

Today, had to go sort out some red tape.  Left Junior with her gran.  They went on a little trip into town and were back by 11 am.  Anyway, I gets back to Mother's and finds her sat on chair, leg out...and Junior sat at table drinking Jersey milk.   They are both in shock!!   

It transpires that Mother blacked out in town, while crossing at traffic lights near Tescos and fell on her shopping trolley (which is now structurally altered).  She cut her leg open and banged her knees and elbow.  People stopped and helped her, but she insisted she was ok, even though her cut leg was sprouting a lot of the red stuff.  Then, if that wasn't enough....when they gets off the bus back at Mother's they stopped at the zebra crossing.  Car stopped to let them across and then  this bloody maniac on a moped whizzed past the car and nearly mowed down Junior, who was on the crossing by then.  He didn't stop, just zoomed across at speed, never looking back.  So, someone up there was looking after my two girlies today:o)  (Mother reckons it's their Guardian Angels.  If not for them, it could have been really nasty. 
I'm going to report it to the cops.  Maniacs like that shouldn't be allowed on the roads.

Mother is now under strict instructions not to move from that flat without me!!  From now on, she's chaperoned.  Better safe than sorry.

They say it comes in threes but nah, the more the better in this house.   Popeye, bless him, has 'perfumed' my front room.  Payback, I suppose, for having his crown jewels removed!!  I've threatened to kill him if he started with this game, but I reckon he likes to live dangerously!!

So, I am warning any potential visitors..bring gas masks!!

Glass of red wine tonight, me thinks! 

Home ed today was.....comprehension and spelling...and she's  still plonking away at the ELC organ...and maths!!     

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