Monday, 5 May 2008

The Food Chain - The Tale of Mighty Mouse

Fell asleep on the sofa yesterday, so stayed there all night:o))  It's a huge sofa and VERY comfy.  I love velvet but it's a sod to hoover any bits off.  The cats have taken a shine to it but it's MINE!!!!  lol

Anyway,  shy cat Muppet actually came in last night and kept herself within viewing range.  After eleven years she still won't come to me voluntarily.  'Tis the feral in her...sigh.   If you can manage to pick her up, she curls up into a ball. 
Muppet with Olive

Well, after a while she took to guarding a writing table by the window.  She had spotted something.  I thought it was probably a spider or the like, so drifted back off to sleep.  In and out of my comatose state I spotted her prey and it ickle baby mouse!!   Eeeeeeek!!   What to do?  I don't want to hear piercing screams of an animal in the throes of being eaten alive, so rolls off sofa and scans room for a suitable receptacle to put over mouse.  I do this and now Mighty Mouse is living in Junior's pencil/crayon container..a candy floss bucket in a former life.  It has all manner of mouse luxuries, like a posh teacup & saucer eggcup for water, polyroll and grass for bedding, biscuits and seeds for nosh.  He/she tried perching on the eggcup but eventually fell off when he/she fell asleep!!   Aw!!

Shows how tiny Mighty Mouse is. The eggcup itself is small for an eggcup!

I suspect that one of the younger mogs brought Mighty Mouse in and it escaped as they don't yet have a killer instinct.  The best they do at the mo is jump up and try to catch midges...which they never manage.   Or.... M Mouse has sussed out how to use the cat flat.. in which case I'm in the poo 'cos just imagine if the rest of the local mouse population knows how to use a cat flap, too.  Eeeek!!  

Hope the little mite makes it so we can set it free....away in a suitable mog-free zone.  I reckon it's only a few weeks old.   Maybe it's too young to survive anyway but if I put it back outside it'll die for sure, especially with the crap weather and, as they say, we're all God's creatures and it deserves to live as much as anyone else.   Can't keep it in a candy floss bucket forever so, until it's well enough Mighty Mouse is going in here!!!!    

Shall  obviously remove fish equipment and kit it out into a proper mouse space.. with a few twigs and the like for it to climb about on.    Just hope the mogs don't 'invite' Mighty Mouse's brothers and sisters, too..although there's plenty of room at the inn!!  Junior, of course, wants to add M Mouse to our pet collection:o)  Errrr...that's a NO!!!  I say, be good and kind, just don't be stupid:o)

Stop sniggering!!! You might come back as a mouse one day!!! lol

PS. 8.30pm.  Sadly, Mighty Mouse didn't make it.  So much for my nursing capabilities:o(


Shirl said...

What a sweet little mouse - hope he/she makes it .... :0)

Brad said...

My Miss Lilly is forever bring her 'friends' in to play. Unfortunatly I rarely find our little visitor until they've become victims. Nothing like a tepid mouse carcass between the toes when ones off to get a glass of water in the middle of the night.