Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Huffing and Puffing

I have decided!!!     Junior and I are embarking on a new healthy regime.    I have just seen a photo of myself at a home ed meet, pictured from behind.  Sigh.......

We live in hill billy land and, after a while,  you tend to get fed up of walking everywhere.    No chance of respite from this as we are as poor as church mice and can't afford a car.  But we have wheels!!  Yippeeeee!!!     We have a couple of bikes in the garage so I shall attempt to oik them out asap.  They are currently stored behind countless piles of garage rubbish, so it may take a while to extract them.  They probably have flat tyres and no brakes to speak of as it is so long since they were in use.   So, in the meantime, shall drill Junior in the art of road sense, especially as she was nearly flattened by a learner motorcyclist the other day!!

We will need safety equipment, mainly helmets.  Wonder if they do them in jumbo size?   You see, hats/head gear never fit me.  When I try them on in shops they just look like a pea on a drum, so to speak.  I wonder if I'll find a trendy helmet to fit?   Probably not.  No doubt I'll end up with this huge thing and will end up resembling a podgy belisha beacon!! 

I used to cycle to work in a former life.  7 mile round trip each day.  I was usually late setting off in a morning.  Pedalled like billyo and arrived at work, 2 minutes to spare,  dripping with sweat.  Not ideal when you work in a bank!!  I soon became as fit as a butcher's dog, though.

I never chuck stuff out and have found a puncture repair kit that I knew I had but didn't know where!!  Talk about being organised!!  yay!! 

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Grit said...

i'm impressed and inspired. pictures of one's behind are not usually flattering now are they?! and i'm going to get the bike out today...!