Monday, 26 May 2008

Nice Weekend, Proud Auntie, Mum and Rehoming

Rosie spears win

Winner: Rosie Semenytsh
Winner: Rosie

FORMER Halifax woman Rosie  won the javelin event at the Loughborough international competition.
Rosie, ranked fourth in the UK, threw 47.35 metres to beat athletes representing England, Scotland, Wales, GB Juniors and British Universities.

Although she could have competed for the British Universities Team, Rosie chose to compete for her own university of Loughborough.

The former Junior School pupil was following up a win at the British University Championships.

Rosie used to be a member of the H Sports Acro Squad and after moving to Berkshire she continued with her gymnastics until the age of 13, when she moved into athletics, specialising in javelin. 

She throws for the Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow club and the South of England, as well as Loughborough University, where she is studying Physics and Sports Science.
Good write-up, eh?  Junior and Rosie are physically alike. Peas in a pod, type of thing.  They even have the maths thing in common.  

Maybe my little madam is a future champion of sorts?

On the 'not so glamorous front'...

Had a nice birthday weekend here.  The boys came up and helped sort out the allotment for 'me birfday'!!  And...they brought along extra muscle, in the name of Aaron, Neil and some other halves:o))

Son no 2 hired a strimmer and worked away for hours to get the grass down from waist height to something more like a lawn!!  Son no 2 went out and got a grass rake and a mallet for the fencing posts.  What more could a girl wish for as a pressie in these circumstances, seeing as my gardening tools have been nicked from the plot.

The lads were toiling away on the allotment...under the spyful eye of the miserable old so and so's who are trying to boot me off and turn my plot into a ploughed field.    Turns out that the boys are so irate about the allotment politics that they are coming up again to lend a hand and stick up for their mate's mum.  Yay!!!!!  This old bird has still got it....although I suspect it's more to do with culinary skills than svelte figure and Facebook wit  :o))) Got treated to pizza takeaway and wine on birthday evening.   They had vego chilli wraps, etc this dinner time and never noticed that it was meat free!  Lol

I will try and get some allotment piccies up soon.  I'm in the process of summoning up courage to ask my allotment mate if she will let me house a couple of rescue hens on her plot.  I can't on mine....."depends on who you are and who you know" politics...and they're saying NO at the mo, but I'll nag away!!  grrrr!  I'll get me own way, by hook or by crook.  Any suggestions for names?

On the puppy rehoming front.....4 down..3 to go.

I have to say that they are REALLY pretty pups...and the last three are so LITTLE:o)

No..No...don't let me keep one!!!!  Tiniest one is the size of a small cat.  She's nick-named she tends to get under the feet.

Mother is coming up tommorow.  Planting up my flower pots as part of birthday pressie.  I'm not trying it on with the "elderly slave labour"'s just Mother.  She misses pottering about in a garden, so she's taken it upon herself to "sort this one out".  Bless her:o)  Beats sitting in a flat all day, alone.

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