Sunday, 4 May 2008

No New Shoes

Had a house full of family this weekend for Junior's birthday.    We weren't landed upon mob-handed as such, but had a steady flow of visitors.  It's nice to see family and friends AND have enough time to have a proper natter.   Son no 2's other half looks fit to burst and is quite tired now.  We've a feeling that little grandchild may make an earlier than anticipated appearance.  
  Conversation got on to nappies and their contents.  Ahhh, the memories!!  Lol.   Son no 2 wanted to strim the allotment but we were rained off, as per usual!!  

Happy Smiley Faces:o) Junior is into wearing her new dressing gown at any time of the day. It's soft and snuggly:o)  The cat she is cuddling is Megan.  She always unceremoniously sticks her back legs out like that.....little quirk.  Popeye lays at my feet, all pooch-like and Olive ALWAYS sticks her tail up a la Basil Bog Brush.

Junior had some nice pressies and enjoyed her shopping day, too.  Purchased lots of little bits she had her eye on.  She wanted some nice shoes but we're finding it impossible to find anything reasonably priced and trendy that fits.    She has narrow feet.  Anyway, next shopping expedition is next week so, hopefully, we should find something as we are going to a major city this time:o))

Last of the visitors went late this aft and I had a little sit down and relax....and fell sleep.  lol  Dd made full use of this and watched her favourites on the iPlayer.  She's now practising dance moves to her new Madonna cd.  She's not into lyrics, just the beat.

Fred n Wilma budgies are now living by the seaside, not a cat in sight and chirruping happily away.  As I was putting Fred into his travelling box he did manage to give me one final nip with the killer beak!!   Payback, perhaps, for having been stalked by mogs.

We're still on with the maths sheets.   No letup just because of a birthday!!    I'm still not forcing work on Junior.  It's all autonomous so I'm printing them off at her request and she's doing them:O))  What I've noticed is that she's pacing herself.  Don't care how long it takes her to grasp things, as long as she does eventually understand and enjoys herself.

Red tape is still haunting me.   That black cloud of s*** just follows me around. No let up.   Feel it's getting a bit vindictive now.  Don't know how some people sleep at night.  Well, as they say, 'What goes around comes around'.  When it does, they'll get no sympathy from me.

Anyway, me Hearties...hope you have a nice bank holiday:o))

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