Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sweet or What?

My sister has had a canine population explosion, again!!!!.... so I have been trying to help her home some puppies.  

She has problems letting them go incase they go to what might turn out to be bad, at the mo, she has lots of pooches......mmmmmm......about 14!!  She drives me mad sometimes, with her indecision and stalling...arghhhh!!

So, today, I homed one named Doodles...and another is to be picked up this week.  They're so cute, I could keep them all...except, of course, I can't and it wouldn't be fair to the animals.  They shouldn't have to compete for love and attention.

People nowadays just seem to want cute and little and these pups are a bit on the minging side to look at but they are SO LOVELY character-wise.  Makes my heart break to think that people go on the looks.  Anyway, hopefully, we will find them all lovely homes...and for a few of the older dogs that she has, too. 

What I'm trying to convey I suppose is that we all want love and a secure home...and domestic animals are no different and nor, I suppose, are many wild animals.  Don't just go on the looks when you are looking to home a pet...go deeper...look into the eyes:o)  

Two cute girls..and they have been turned down by people who can't see their inner beauty.

Just wanting a hug

A little bit frightened


Shirl said...

Awwww, they're so cute - the right person will come along for them.

dawny said...

can they not add to your managery? not sure how to spell that.
bless them , no room here sadly xx

ruth said...

Do some people think those two gorgeous pups are ugly? They are really cute in my book. Ikwym about people going for looks tho. We deliberately got our rabbits based on personality rather then looks cos it was obvious they had been rejected on the grounds of not good looking enough or didn't match the sofa type issues some people seem to have.

Minnie said...

Yes, the right people will eventually come along and fall in love with them. I'm REALLY tempted, but 2 dogs and 5 cats is enough in this little house. They've got such lovely, kind temperaments, the pups...and they'll be little poochies and not have legs like in our Molly. Ooooo, tempted, tempted!!

I like my dogs to be kind natured and they won't munch and hurt other animals. Rabbits, on the other hand...I like em with a bit of our dear, departed Syd. Can't have anymore rabbits, either...'cos I freecycled the hutches the other day to a woman who rescues all sorts of animals.