Friday, 9 May 2008

Screaming Neighbours

I slept in my 'old' room and my old bed last night.

Junior has taken to migrating to mine of late.  Think it is the not feeling well thing.  She hates feeling yuk so takes comfort in diving in with moi and then kicking me HARD!! in her sleep!!!  Anyway, I skipped all that and she fell asleep in my room before I went up so, not wanting to disturb her (ha) nipped into hers for some peace and quiet:o)))  To be honest, I miss the space.  Long story why we swapped rooms.  Lots of people I know do this, too.  Swapping rooms, that is.

Anyway, I slept very well in my old bumpy, comfy bed.   Woke up this morning to the sound of next door mum screaming at 'spoilt child from hell".  She was telling's wrong...more like SCREAMING AT THE VERY, WALL SHAKING,TOP OF HER VOICE that she would 'f****** kill him' if he didn't do as he was told.  Nice to wake up to that sentiment, then!!!  Death threats....  It even woke up Junior.

Up early we were!!!   I was extremely cantankerous..plotting how to get the little sod back.  I'm still plotting!  lol   Maybe his mum could just sit on him!!   Anyway,  it's nearly 10pm and he's still at it.

Sigh......This and red tape.....urghhhhhhhhh!

So, today we got our mushroom kit going.  Come three weeks we should be picking them:o)  
Mushroom kit

Tomorrow we're mowing down the allotment grass to remove dandelions and docks before they produce seeds.  If I do this then no-one can blame me for infecting their plots with so called weeds. lol

Gratuitous photos!

Junior sorting out the doggie crate, making their bed more comfortable:o)  It was sunny so I booted them out into the fresh air!!  They, of course, wanted to come in and be near us.  Junior sat outside and did some work.  

Junior's birthday cake. Forgot to post. Her Auntie - my sis - sent this weeks before her birthday so we didn't dare eat it incase.... Wonder how long they keep for?  'Tis a lovely little thing.

Cilla posing.  She's such a nice dog.  Started to bark when she wants to come into the house from the garden.  

Molly smiling..sort of:o)  She just gets in and out through the cat flap.   She's Cilla's mum.  Funny looking jack russell's aren't they?  lol

Junior bedded downstairs...playing on the Xbox with Spooky curled up at her side.. sort of:o) This is bad-tempered, cantankerous Spooky I am speaking of. Anything for a comfy bed lol  Spook is behind Junior...bottom right.

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