Saturday, 10 May 2008


Be warned.  I'm moaning.. fed up/peed off with un-neighbourly antics.  Sorry. 

Been gardening this weekend.  Mother came up and spent some time with us.  She's lonely in this warden-aided complex that she's at.   The other 'inmates' aren't really so friendly.  I suppose they have their routines and friendships.,etc.  She's ill and feels that she's about ready for the knacker's yard.  Spent a considerable time telling her that this was not so but, still, you worry.   Especially when they have to take a dozen tablets each day to keep motoring on!!  78 and she can still dig out nettles!!!

Anyway, we have dug out a whole fence worth's of stuff.. mainly nettles and wild geraniums..which I kept to shelter our frogs and toad...and we found one!!!  Plus loads of snails and caterpillars.  We put the caterpillars to one side whilst we sorted out a little tank, so we could watch the process to butterfly/moth..but once we'd got it sorted the little buggers had wandered off!!  lol  Snails, we put in a pot in a bigger pot, etc.. but they wandered off too.  Maybe they knew that we were planning to take them up to the allotment for the ducks!!  Well, the frogs will get some of them, I suppose.  Actually, I like snails.  It's the antennas waving about that do it for me.  Like 'Cooeeee..hiya!!'  Plus, the don't bite!!  Not their fault they're slimey and uck!!  Pity they don't eat nettles.

We put in a bigger 'pond'  (big plastic storage box on wheels).  Dug it in, put lots of plants, bricks, logs, etc in...a real nice amphibian type place.  lol
Nettles. What a sacrifice we made. Didn't turn this into nettle soup!!

Our little snail recepticle!!

Some of The Gang.  It's like...'Bloody's hot out here!!'

Still yacking!!  Where's that shade?

Next doors were out in their garden, so it wasn't exactly peaceful...  But..hell..everyone is entitled to let off steam.  What I don't like is when your neighbour empties the watery contents of their 6ft swimming pool against your property when you are not looking!!.  We now have swamped borders and shed, so I suppose a talking to is now inevitable. Maybe I should just put our hosepipe in their shed and leave the tap on for a while?  We also had pop/bb gun bits flying over the fence this aft....just missed us, too.  At this point I flipped a bit.  Why do people allow their kids to play with guns?  Is it me?  Am I being a prat?  Junior is livid.   Child put their little pup in a 6 foot swimming pool with him...pup plainly not enjoying it...but spoilt one was...and parents allowed it.  There are ten rabbits in hutches in their garden..some stacked up.  The animals never regularly get let out for a romp.  No rabbit run for them to stretch their legs in, socialise and so they don't get to feel the sun on their backs either.   Honestly..feel like I'm going to explode!!   Tired of all the hassle.  I just want to move away asap.  If only:o)

Have taken to sleeping downstairs.  More chance of getting some kip.   Allelujiah!!   Walls are thicker down here you see.   Tonight's tv is? .............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  


Grit said...

i'm sorry to read about your neighbours ... that would really upset me; i don't know that i would tackle it well. fortunately we have a very high wall between us and next door, and they are *very* understanding of us!!

Minnie said...

Ta Grit:o)

We have 6 ft fence panels slotted into concrete posts and the bloke has been spotted on several occasions lifting some of these up and looking in. I just find this really odd and creepy. I don't want these people on my patch. My older brother says he is going to drill into the fence posts and screw in the panels to stop this. lol

Elizabeth said...

Hope the neighbour situation can be resolved. Our deaf neighbour had hung out a wind chime that chimed all day and all night! When my husband asked them to move it a year ago-they shouted at my husband and wouldn't talk to me for almost a year! They moved it to a less windy section of the garden-so it still clangs very often, but not as bad as before. Until he asked them to move it-we had always been on very friendly terms. Did I mention she was deaf?