Thursday, 8 May 2008

Tap Tap

Red tape is sooooooooooooo doing my head in.  I understand why bridges are so popular!!!  lol 

Wish I could do a H Potter and just up everyone I love and go somewhere nice and normal:o) And take me poochies and mogs, too:o))

Anyway, been out and about with Mother today.  She is not well.  Need good vibes for this, an all!!  Dodgy test result...have to wait for more.  It's stressing her out a bit so I do my best to cheer her up.  Doesn't help when sis (unaware of this little nugget of info) rings up and informs her that someone else from our past has departed this earth.   Mother is a real stickler for wanting to know who, from our home town, has she can pay her respects.  I think that's proper nice.  This time it was little bro's Godmum.  From memory, she was nice.  She smiled alot.  Another WW2 refugee.

On the Junior front.. she has not felt well of late.  Tummy ache, toothache and today, is FAR too hot for our liking.  She collided with a friend last week and it's knocked her teeth at one side...these being baby teeth with the big uns waiting to appear.  Baby ones are starting to wobble, so the process is on.  We are keeping the Calpol people in business!!

Popeye is ok.  Liking his kip at the mo but, give it a few days and he'll be back to his lovely, playful self.  Until then, he's lording it in the front bedroom, away from all temptations:o))

I have no photos to show today.  What a misery am I!!!   Grumpy old woman time AND I've started to tap my fingers.  Arghhh....blinkin irritating habit.  I'm definiteley old!!!!  

It's the red tape.....mutter, mutter.....

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